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Horror of suicide


Death by hanging

There have been disturbing cases of suicide in the country in recent times. The phenomenon is believed to be on the rise. Otherwise, how does anybody explain six cases of suicide within 72 hours! What is more those who willfully terminated their lives were those one would think had every cause to live.

Everything seems to suggest they had a promising future ahead of them. Consider the list: A 38-year-old lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; a student of the same University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who was on 400 level and who had the prospect of making a first; a student who had just graduated from Yaba College of Technology; and a prospective university student. He took his own life for failing JAMB! There was the case of a victim of sexual violation.

The sixth case was that of a pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG. Within the same period a man said to be well educated and turned out attempted to jump into the Lagos Lagoon. I recall that earlier in the year, there was the case of a female student of Ahmadu Bello University who was protesting against the lack of material care by her parents.


The bulk of material support she had came from her brother, according to her suicide note. Seeing that the personal responsibility the brother was shouldering was growing, she could not see her path into the future clearly any longer and she thought curiously the answer to it was to terminate her life.

Sociologists, psychologists, counsellors and social workers who pre-occupy themselves with human conditions, human tragedy and thinking trajectory terrified by the struggle of life rack their brains; they have all kinds of explanations for people taking their lives.

In the end all usually boil down to the culprits losing the continued will to live. This is in the delusion that by ending it all it is the end of whatever may have driven them to this desperate end.

What a grave error! Whatever reason for committing suicide is borne out of ignorance of the purpose of life and existence and lack of knowledge of the structure of Creation and how it is governed. They do not also have any knowledge of their bodies, of themselves and what they are connected with and what are connected with them which are called ethereal threads.

All experiences are to make us better persons. Life is a struggle. It is in it spiritual awakening lies, and from awakening to striving and development and recognition of the goal—Paradise!

It is often thought that when a person is pronounced clinically dead by the doctor then he is truly dead and it is finished. It is not so. It is, indeed, a grave error to think so.


There is what is called astral body which is connected with the physical body. Indeed, before the incarnation of the soul in the physical body, the formation of the astral body precedes the building of the physical body as we know it. The outward feature of the physical body is patterned after the astral form.

The building of both the astral body and the physical body in the womb of an expectant mother is done by elemental buildings, the faithful servants of the Almighty Creator, the Father of all. When the physical body is discarded in the so-called death, the astral body is still connected with the physical body until decay sets in.

Unlike the physical body, at this time the astral body is still sensitive, animated by the silver cord which has not severed from the body. The umbilical cord is what is generally known as what connects the body with the placenta.

The knowledge of that is widespread among mothers and among fathers. But there is a similar one, silvery in nature and invisible to the physical eyes, hence it is known as silver cord. It connects the physical body from the navel to the ethereal body, the soul.

Until the silver cord is severed, the departed is still around. The departed in the ethereal frame can enter a house when the doors or windows are locked. Because the silver cord is inconceivably long, a man who passed on at UCH Ibadan, for instance, can come to Lagos to inform his unsuspecting wife that he had gone! The wife senses something but cannot place her finger on it. She is moved to call the man to check how he is faring, only to be informed by whoever picks the phone at the UCH end that the man was gone.


Just as well, the nurse says, the hospital was just thinking of how to reach the family to inform them of the departure of their beloved. Because the departed is still around, it is possible for him to sit atop his coffin on the way to the cemetery for burial.

It is the reason why it is not unusual to read that an open relation who is growing inwardly, seeks to speak to the departed. It is because he is still sensed to be around. The departed can hear all conversations, all discussions by family, well-wishers, friends or neighbours on condolence visit. He can pick thoughts before they are uttered.

The pace at which the silver cord is severed and the departed moves away would depend on the condition of the soul. If the soul is light from purity, he is gone between three and four days. But if he is one with crass, unmoderated material pursuits, the silver cord thickens and, in many cases, leads to a painful death struggle.

From the foregoing, we can already sense what becomes of those who commit suicide. First, the suddenness of terminating his own life. A snake does not die immediately its head is severed nor does a foul die when its head is cut off. There is a struggle and the snake may run far before it is no longer animated and it loses strength.

The same applies to a foul. For the departed human soul, because the astral body is still attached to the physical body until it decays, although pulled out by the soul, he feels excruciating pains of what anyone may be inflicting on the body, be it by doctors or morgue attendants.


Ordinarily, in normal natural death due to old age, or illness, the departed battles doctors. He is frightened at the sight of knives in the hands of doctors wanting to perform autopsy or remove parts of his discarded body for the study of students.

He fights them with all his ethereal strength to get them to drop their knives. He does not want them to plunge the knives into his body in an attempt to certify him dead.

Doctors feel nothing of his struggle and they still go ahead anyway. He does not realise they are not feeling him. He is touching their ethereal bodies which are not activated.

The departed himself hardly realises that he has left the earth. As I did state last week, he looks at himself and finds that he is alive, the same person, the same looks.

The relations are oblivious of his presence. To convince them that he is alive, in desperation, he attempts to re-enter the body because the silver cord has not been severed. The difference begins to dawn on him when he discovers he can get to anywhere at a great speed and no physical object can bar or obstruct his movement.

This is a typical case of a natural death. For deaths which are unnatural the horror suffered is beyond words.

In other words, for a person who commits suicide, indescribable torment begins for him even before he goes far from the vicinity of this earth into the Beyond. When he leaves the vicinity with the severance of the silver cord, he plunges into darkness.


The darkness is formed by the thoughts and planning of the suicide before it actually takes place. The thoughts of suicide or murder can only be dark, heavy and non-elevating.

The threads of the thoughts and planning are woven by elemental beings to form his new hellish environment. Those who take their lives are also in most cases those who do not believe in the existence and grace of the Almighty.
Because they on their own shut themselves out, not wanting to know about Him and His love, they are blind, deaf and lame and still go through the torment of the darkness.

For a person who commits suicide through jumping into the lagoon and drowning, the thoughts are similarly woven.

In his case, the thoughts form muddy foul water and swamp. He finds himself helplessly wanting to drown and struggling unceasingly not to. He never drowns yet the struggle continues, and could last thousands of years.

What I am getting at is that those who commit suicide discover they plunge themselves into worse situation than they were trying to evade on earth.

The foregoing is just one aspect. The other aspect is that a suicide person has proven himself ungrateful for the gift of life and unworthy of the privilege of being permitted to live on earth to develop, mature and become self-conscious and become personal so he can enter and live in paradise bearing the crown of life on his head.

The goal of every man is Paradise, the Realm of Light, the land of everlasting bliss, and of joyful activities. Ungrateful because the suicide man has made non-sense of the diligent and faithful work of elemental beings who built his body in his mother’s womb. They see to the growing and differentiation from one cell to another from thousands of others in the body to give us organs of eyes, ears, liver, kidney, the heart and organ of cellular respiration.


The cell has its components, which are spirit motes which stream down from very high plane of the Primordial Realm. These give rise to elementary particles with the core of elementary particles themselves being atoms. It is these spirit motes that yield to animating prompting of the spirit which is the real man to give it radiating influence to endow us with radiant health.

The elemental beings are the loyal and unwavering servants of the Most High that put the materials together, also using radiations of what the expectant mothers eat to form our human body with the different organs.

They begin work immediately procreation takes place and form the radiation bridge through which the soul hovering around the expectant saunters and incarnates in a woman womb. It is a great event, permitted by Mercy, Love and inestimable Grace, which takes place when pregnancy has gotten half-way. It is at this point of entry of the soul into the womb that the expectant mother experiences the first kick, the first movement in her womb.

The soul is carefully selected to have corresponding nature with its prospective parents so they can live together harmoniously. A dishonorable soul can incarnate only in a dishonorable family.

A noble soul will be attracted to a noble family. When the soul takes possession of the womb, the expectant mother carrying two or so souls in her body begins to glow.

It is these elaborate preparations, from procreation, incarnation and birth, the labour and care of the parents that the suicide man has thrown out of the window; they mean nothing to him!

The consequence of the suicide is torment of thousands of years in the Beyond.

In the revelation of higher knowledge on earth today, we are told that the torment begins to ease only when the one who has committed suicide realizes his grave guilt and supplicates for help. But then, what time is left for any of us before purification which has begun reaches a crescendo in the operation of the often spoken-about World Judgment?

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