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Why PAY TV provider is offering ‘pay as you go’, by Viki Liu


PAY TV business has always been a topic for debate in the country, considering the epileptic power supply, as consumers continue to lament losses. Many have pleaded for flexible subscription such as pay as you go, but considering the naira fluctuations and foreign exchange rate increasingly high, some Pay TV operators have remained adamant to the call for the scheme to become operational in the country.

For StarTimes subscribers, their prayers might have been answered as the service provider recently refreshed its content offerings, bringing more sought-after content to its subscribers at affordable rate; with a new blockbuster Hollywood movie channel and two premium sports rights are coming on the platform. 

Recall that the company offers flexible subscription options of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, allowing Nigerians to subscribe according to their needs and means.

Marketing Manager of the firm, Viki Liu, told The Guardian that due to the firm’s giant stride to make digital TV affordable to all families, the price of pay-TV has been greatly lowered, from average $50 per month to 3 or 5 dollars per month.

Viki said that although the sharp drop in naira has forced the brand to adjust some of its bouquet prices upwards from August 1, subscribers will get more value for what they pay for.

Her words, “over the last couple of months, we have been adding new and exciting channels, great local and international channels for the viewing pleasure of our teeming subscribers without an additional charge. These channels, including other existing flagship ones and content, were acquired at a cost which we have continued to bear to cushion the economic pressure on subscribers.”

On the challenges of the business, she pointed out that the Federal Government’s increase in the rate of the Value Added Tax (VAT) from 5 per cent to 7.5 per cent. “had an effect on our cost but in consideration of our customers’ plight, we continued to bear that extra cost.

“By this review, which will take effect from August 1, for our DTT (antenna) users: basic bouquet subscribers will now pay N1,700 as against N1300 monthly to enjoy close to 80 exciting channels; Classic Bouquet subscribers will pay N2,500 as against N1,900 monthly to keep enjoying close to 100 channels. While Nova bouquet remains unchanged at N900 with over 43 exciting channels.

“For DTH (Dish) users: Smart bouquet subscribers will pay N2,200 as against N1,900 monthly; Super Bouquet subscribers will pay N4,200 as against N3,800 monthly. While Nova bouquet remains unchanged at N900. DTH has close to 200 exciting channels.”


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