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MedicoExperts Surgical camps in Nigeria – a blessing to Nigerian medical travellers


surgical instruments Photo: David Mark / Pixabay

Nigerian medical seekers can now receive the best medical and surgical assistance in Nigeria through surgical and OPD (Outpatient Department) camps organized by MedicoExperts. Through the OPD and surgical camps, MedicoExperts offers not just minimally invasive surgeries and consultations to patients but also training to the doctors and medical staff for the overall advancement of the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

Mumbai, India: There is no longer the need for Nigerian medical seekers to look for quality healthcare outside the country, as MedicoExperts with the best surgeons from India is offering exceptional surgical and medical assistance in Nigeria. The best surgeons from India offer an array of procedures like laparoscopic gynaecology surgery ranging from diagnostic laparoscopy for infertility evaluation to laparoscopic adhesiolysis and laparoscopic myomectomy (fibroid removal surgery), laparoscopic general surgery like laparoscopic appendectomy, laparoscopic hernia repair, laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery, laparoscopic weight loss procedures like gastric sleeve, mini gastric bypass, cosmetic procedures like vaginal tightening, hymen repair/reconstruction, liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, joint replacement surgeries like total knee replacement surgery, total hip replacement surgery, ACL and PCL repair surgery, and many more.

Due to a unique pre-surgery evaluation and case selection process of MedicoExperts, they have a track record of performing successful surgeries with little to no complication. MedicoExperts aims to train the doctors and medical staff and elevate the healthcare capabilities of Nigeria. Moreover, MedicoExperts is also helping patients to save money by offering quality surgery by Indian surgeons in Nigeria itself. The team of surgeons from India along with MedicoExperts began this highly commendable initiative with only gynaecology procedures, but are steadily increasing the surgical offering by incorporating transplant and all multifaceted complex procedures.


MedicoExperts and Indian surgeons in Nigeria
MedicoExperts – a reputed medical and healthcare provider in India, has been successfully organizing OPD (Outpatient Department) and surgical camps in 15 countries including but not limited to Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, and Zambia for the past 5 years. “We are known for our experience, compassionate care and outstanding record of conducting more than 150 surgeries in Nigeria by our highly experienced Indian surgeons. We strive to provide Nigerians with excellent quality surgical treatment by renowned surgeons from India,” says Mr Dhiraj Sharma, Founder and CEO, MedicoExperts.

“We aim to offer Nigerians the best of healthcare without the cost burden of travelling to India or any other country. The patients can receive treatment and recover in familiar surrounding amongst loved ones. By offering medical and surgical treatment in Nigeria, we are helping the patients save on money which they would otherwise have to spend on travel and accommodation. Patients who visit us at the OPD and surgical camp also have the option to avail telemedicine services and video consultation with the doctor to ensure the continuity/follow-up of the treatment. If for some reason like a limitation in infrastructure or complexity of the case, the patient is required to travel to India for surgery, we also offer guidance and privileged discounted costs for the suggested surgery,” declares Mr Sharma.

Making a difference in Nigeria
In association with experienced and top surgeons from India, MedicoExperts provides Nigerian with laparoscopic surgery for better care and faster recovery. Moreover, MedicoExperts and Indian doctors are playing a vital role in institutionalizing kidney and liver treatment practises including transplants in Nigerian hospitals. The best surgeons from India treat patients in Nigeria in their local hospital. The proficiency and experience of the Indian surgeons together with the Nigerian doctors and medical staff are enhancing the healthcare sector of Nigeria by employing the newest surgical procedures and international standard of patient care.

“Nigeria has a scattered healthcare provision, making appropriate treatment a privilege. Thanks to MedicoExperts and surgeons from India, now several patients can benefit from quality treatment and care. Because of MedicoExperts, even the clinical capabilities of the hospitals and the doctors are improving. Our hospitals are now able to perform minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgeries which is a huge benefit to all our patients. Earlier patients would choose to travel to India or some other country, but now they approach us for treatment as they can get the same level of expertise and quality without having to travel anywhere,” states the Medical Director of one the renowned surgical centres of MedicoExperts in Nigeria.

MedicoExperts also has connect centres called MECC (MedicoExperts Connect Centres) in locations ranging from Lagos, Ibadan to Port Harcourt and Kaduna, where patients can avail telemedicine services, receive information about upcoming camps, consultation, assistance for treatment in India, etc.

“I had phobia associated with fibroid surgery, and also had challenges with fertility which was resolved after getting laparoscopic myomectomy surgery in Nigeria by an Indian surgeon. I spend a fortune in trying everything for my problem but was of no use, and that’s when I was linked with MedicoExperts through social media. They asked me to do some tests and share the reports. After which they informed me about cost and that they planned on coming to Nigeria soon with the best gynaecologist from India. This was like Gods intervention and I was very happy. When the team came to Nigeria, I visited them at the hospital and got my surgery done. They had me operated without first receiving the fees, their humanity was phenomenal! Four days later, I was discharged. After 30 days, the incision wounds healed and I was back to normal life without any complication or pain associated with the post-surgery experience,” exclaims Mrs Oloko who underwent laparoscopic myomectomy in Nigeria by Indian surgeon.

“With the team of the best doctors from India, we have successfully conducted several laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgeries in Nigeria. We are currently working on making transplant procedures and many other complex surgeries a near possibility in Nigeria through the surgical intervention of the best surgeons from India and the support and infrastructure of the hospitals in Nigeria. As we plan on organizing our next camp in March 2020, we have already begun preparations in full swing and are also taking prior registrations. If any Nigerian plans on travelling overseas, we recommend them to at least first check with us or with any of our connect centres to know about our camps dates. This will help them save money on travel and accommodation and yet get the best treatment in their own country. Our camp details can be found by the website,” mentions Ms Priyanka, Senior Patient Care Manager with MedicoExperts.

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