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Misplaced lamentation


We only need to look around us, and cast our gaze into the future to have some appreciable grasp, and the attendant apprehension, of the deplorable state of affairs and the vast decline that is inexorably besetting our world. As I was saying the other day, therefore, it is only natural that those who sense the limitation of man in confronting the decline in the face of the outworking of the mechanisms that govern life would want to go down on their knees in the quiet of their closets, seeking understanding and help.

What I am driving at, therefore, is that right from the ancient of days, human beings, yielding to certain indefinable urge to pray have learnt to establish places to worship their deities in line with their level of recognitions. The prayer was an effort to link up with certain higher powers they had since existed. With progressive development and inner awareness over millennia, today, deliberate efforts are made to link up with our native land which is Spiritual Realm, more generally referred to as Paradise. It is only natural that being spirits there would be such an urge to want to link up with the Home Above from whence we all came in the first place in search of learning to recognize the Will of the Almighty Creator and doing It; also in search of development and spiritual maturity which comes with experiences and doing the Will of God. Without arming oneself with the testimonial of maturity, admittance into the said Paradise is impossible. Is it not the practice that even here on earth we seek to link up and make regular contact with our native towns? Is it not the practice that those in overseas take abiding interest in goings-on in their country and make regular contact with their earthly homes?

Man being spirit cannot help wanting to forge a link with the Spiritual Realm. There is a pull, although it can be resisted as it is often done by the modern man who may have walled up his spirit and in consequence severed the links with the Spiritual realm, our point of origin. Confined, their intuitive perception cannot transcend time and space. With the limitation, such a person swings within only that which the material world has on offer, and which he has come to regard as the only things of value. Yet, it must stand to reason that because all that is material is subject to disintegration, sooner or later, it holds nothing of eternal values beyond being man’s cover and earthly tools which are discarded upon exit from this world.


Gradual recognition of higher Powers controlling the affairs of mankind helps us to transcend time and space which brings in its train recognition of how small we human beings are, and how uncomprehendingly the vastness of Creation and the splendor of the Creator’s Realm are. This recognition bows the spirit in worshipful adoration of the Lord of All the Worlds. A person who experiences the recognition will hardly want his line of communion with the Creator blocked, nor will he also hardly wish to do any harm to his fellowmen and community. In consequence he longs for a place he can regularly bow his spirit in worship, hence the sprouting of churches like mushrooms, with the smart ones amongst us taking advantage of the longing of the beseeching people to satisfy their inner stirring; to mislead them. It may be stated that the misled themselves have not asked themselves salient questions; they are thus seeking in the wrong direction.

For now, however, the point at issue is the proclivity to want to worship the Almighty Creator which is what has led to the ill-informed concerns and irritation that people have taken to prayers instead of bending down on the plough, to work. They are put off that instead of Nigerians rolling up their sleeves and pursuing inventions and technological development, the wonders of these times, they preoccupy themselves with prayers. It is against this background of incitement to crass materialism that thoughtful and clarified Americans are today disturbed by what they sense as the creeping banishment of God from their schools and the lives in general of their compatriots, leading to soullessness in their society.

The question then arises: Is technological development incompatible with spiritual pursuits? Does it alienate hard work?
As in all things, prayers are governed by law. When we pray, this attracts similar prayers from other people or it is attracted by them in accordance with the law of kind attracting its own kind, the more correct expression being the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species. The prayers through the attraction become stronger through reinforcement. They form or reinforce already existing power centres from where they flow back to the authors through radiation threads as answers to the content of the prayers. The answers find anchorage only if the soil around supplicants is receptive.

By this is meant if their environment is pure they are able to receive answers to their prayers. In other words, the preconditions for prayers being answered are profound earnestness and the inner quality of the soul. The prayer must be felt deeply within. Of course, it may sometimes happen that a man, who is perceived, rightly or wrongly, not to be pure, has his prayers answered. In such a case, happiness or deep pain or sorrow can create a situation in which all dross clinging to a person are unhinged, thus clearing the way for a momentary purity around the soul and making the heartfelt prayers to be answered. Answers can come in various forms but always in what brings benefit to the supplicant. These can come in the supplicant crossing the path of a helper; it could come in form of ideas received in calm confidence. A helper from the Beyond could whisper a solution to him in a dream. When a prayer is not answered, it may well be it is some form of help as well.

It is revealed in higher knowledge spreading on earth today that anyone who bears a firm volition for what is good and strives to give purity to his thoughts has found the way to the Highest and all else will then be added unto him. Among the all else will undoubtedly include whatever is necessary to facilitate good living, for example, technological tools. The technological wonders and skills are conveyed to this earth from the Beyond, from a plane called Medium Gross Matter, and are drawn in pictures by those receptive to have them, provided they are serious, and humble. They will also have adapted their thinking and volition to the Laws of Nature, even if unconsciously. The plane is the workshop of elemental beings. They fashion all that are regarded as technological inventions by scientists which mankind need on earth. The revelation can come in various forms depending on the condition which gets the inventor to be open; some inventors draw from the plane in the woods, at the beach and others in their sleep, hence the statement that God reveals to His Own in their sleep. The Lord Jesus Christ gave the same admonition when He said: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you.”

We can see from the foregoing, therefore, that pre-occupation with God and prayers are not without foundation. It can also be seen that prayers and technological development are not mutually exclusive.


What then militates against Nigerians coming off with their own brand of technological discoveries given the level of religious pre-occupation in the country? This only goes to show that the Divine Laws do not deal with externals, but with our inner quality. The living incorruptible Divine Laws also called the Laws of Nature do not concern themselves with what each person wishes the world to see, the impression he creates before his fellowmen, but with who he truly is. The example of the Chinese or South Koreans is instructive. It should demonstrate to us that it is not the overtly religious alone that can receive the blessings of the Creator, but those who fulfill the conditions of purity and goodness even if they are not intellectually aware of these.

From the foregoing, it should also be clear that preoccupation with the Creator does not preclude the necessity to work hard. Earthly possessions rightly acquired are products of hard work. The elemental beings see to it that they provide the oxygen we need every day, every hour, every split second. They convert the radiant energy of sunlight into chemical energy of carbohydrates in plants. In the process we know to be photosynthesis, the energy of sunlight is used to drive the reaction between carbon dioxide of the air around us and water to form carbohydrates. The complex chemical substances called carbohydrates are put in plant storage organs as in yams, cassava, potatoes— all roots, and in grains as in rice, maize and wheat. When we eat them the chemical energy in them is converted into a form we need for breathing, motion, thinking, speaking, and writing. What all this means is that without the activities of the elemental beings, life on earth for any living being, man and animal, would have been impossible. These are the servants of the Creator, teaching us the essence of hard work in loyalty. Hard work of the right kind makes accumulation of earthly possessions possible to facilitate good living. They are also a potent shield for the spiritual man in the world filled with the unscrupulous and the arrogant whose strongest weapon are earthly possessions!

The proliferation of churches and mosques only goes to show the worsening situation and despondency in the whole world, and the sensing of a gloomingness laden with disaster—the signs of the prophesied End Time! What we are expected to do in all things is first to seek knowledge and learn to spiritualize the work of our hands as, indeed, the true and purest worship of God lies only in deeds.


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