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Mohamed Magdy Soliman: The league of legends stalwart from Egypt


League of Legends boasts of one of the biggest and most loyal fanbases. Those who love online multiplayer games find League of Legends extremely fun and addictive. The developers keep coming with new features every few weeks, keeping gamers on their toes in anticipation for what’s coming next. From graphics to gameplay, League of Legends has gone through significant changes over the years.

But one thing that remains constant is the love of gamers for this game. Everyone waits for their chance to participate in one of the big tournaments. Imagine how a team would feel if they win an international League of Legends tournament in front of thousands of people.


That’s precisely what Mohamed Magdy Soliman and his team, Anubis Gaming, did in front of 22,000 viewers. The team won the Intel Arabian Cup, and Mohamed Soliman played a pivotal role in bringing home the trophy.

Magdy, the leader

His teammates consider him the best leader ever. League of Legends involves a lot of strategies. You need to stick around with your team to prevent exposing its weaknesses to your opponents. Magdy Soliman is the glue that keeps the team together. He has been with the team since its inception in 2015. Magdy knows how important it was to win a major tournament for the team and his country.

No one paid attention to Egypt in the Intel Arabian Cup before. But other nations are now looking up to Egypt because of the individual brilliance of one man – Mohamed Magdy Soliman.

From developing strategies to streaming videos for his team, Magdy is the go-to man in Anubis Gaming. The team wasn’t performing well in tournaments, and people underestimated Egypt because of its poor performances. Magdy hated losing. He said, “Every time we lost in a tournament, I would watch our videos over and over. I wanted to find out why and where our opponents were better. We had the skill set to win a tournament, but something wasn’t going our way.”

Magdy finally made a plan to delegate each team member with specific roles. He instructed everyone to stick to their roles and not interfere with each others’ game. This helped the team perform better. They breezed through the qualification round of the Intel Arabian Cup with ease. Soon they came up against the favorites, but Magdy was ready to fight. Anubis Gaming managed to beat some of the most formidable opponents and win the Intel Arabian Cup for the first time.

Magdy, the winner

Magdy couldn’t hold his emotions after winning the biggest League of Legends tournament in the world. He said, “This win is proof that Egypt can compete at the highest level, unlike what many people think. And this is just the beginning of better things to come.” Magdy is now a certified Egyptian LoL player. He also plays for the Egyptian National eSports team. The Egyptian government honored Magdy after winning an official regional championship hosted by The Arab League.

Magdy Soliman’s rise to glory proves that you can get recognition if you work hard and pursue your passion. Aspiring players who want to turn professional now draw inspiration from Magdy and his incredible journey to the top of League of Legends.


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