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Moringa oleifera- the miracle plant


Moringa plant

The Moringa plant qualifies to be called a miracle tree and certain countries in Africa, Asia and Central America support their farmers to cultivate this plant to supply the much-needed nutrients for their citizens and money of course.

Originally grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, the tree is more widely grown nowadays and there is no doubt that this will become bigger as time goes on. This plant as someone said is a gift from GOD to mankind but instead man has opted for junk food that has given rise to so many diseases and caused untold hardship and untimely deaths in some cases. For those that are still alive and have not contracted any of those deadly diseases, I say to you, Moringa is what you need.

Moringa also has some healing powers to exercise in conditions like cardiovascular disease and cancer. Moringa leaf is full of nutrients, it is said to contain about 90 vitamins and minerals and unlike most vegetables, Moringa is rich in protein. Out of the 20 amino acids (building blocks of protein) that the body needs, 18 are found in Moringa and there are nine amino acids, referred to as the essential amino acids because they are not synthesised in the body, 8 of them are found in Moringa. Moringa is high in vitamins and minerals like Vitamins C, B, E and A. Minerals found in Moringa include potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.


Comparatively, there is three times more Vitamin C in 100grams of Moringa leaves than 100 grammes of orange, there is the same Vitamin A in Moringa as in carrot (two times more) and two times the protein of a hundred grams of yoghurt. Furthermore, Moringa has four times the calcium in 100 grams of cow’s milk (14 times) and the same amount of potassium as in 100 grams of banana (four times more). Of great significance is the fiber content of Moringa leaf. There is four times more fiber in Moringa leaf than oats and this is very important for the cleansing of the colon. In studies carried out as recent as June 2012, it was discovered that Moringa has the highest antioxidant content than any plant grown on this earth, beating acai berry which formerly held the record, to the second place. Moringa leaf powder is two times more potent than any other plant when it comes to free radical scavenging.

For the records, free radicals are atoms or molecules that lack an electron in the outer shell. These are unstable molecules that are highly destructive as they move around seeking an electron to attach to for balance. They can get attached to cell membranes or to the organelles inside the cell. In doing so, the cells degenerate causing aging and diseases like cancer where the DNA has become involved. Antioxidants like Vitamins C, A, E and Selenium supply the missing electron to the free radicals and balance them.


In this role, Moringa leaf is more potent than most other plants because of it’s higher content of the relevant vitamins and minerals. This makes Moringa leaf powder a powerful anticancer agent and a preventive against such diseases as the cardiovascular diseases. Other benefits of morning include blood pressure regulation, blood sugar control, improving the immune and digestive systems and it enhances the mood. Moringa can also be used to treat stomach ulcer as it is capable of lining the stomach wall. It boosts the energy level of the body as it supplies tremendous amounts of energy to the human body.

Other available forms of Moringa are Moringa tea and oil. The liquid that is squeezed out of the stem can be used to heal wounds on the skin and improve the quality of the skin.

In conclusion, most plants’ leaves are known for one or two vitamins or minerals that are predominantly found in them. For example, spinach is the highest vegetable source of iron, but not so with Moringa. Moringa can be described as a multivitamin, multimineral and fiber rich nutritious plant and all these contents are in very high concentrations in Moringa. In Africa today, Moringa is fast becoming the answer to protein energy malnutrition – kwashiorkor. Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are getting to epidermic proportions all over the world and I declare to you that the almighty GOD, creator of all things has already checked such spread with Moringa.


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