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MSSN trains youth on capacity building, seeks completion of centre


Amir, Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) Lagos, DR. Saheed Ashafa (left), Lecturer, Dr. Zafaran Adeniyi, Spiritual Father of the Day, Dr. Nosiru Onibon during the formal closing of 108th edition of Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) in Ogun State.

In an effort to reduce the involvement of the youths in cyber-crime, gambling, sexting, and the likes.

The Muslim Student Society of Nigeria has organized a camping programme to restore morality back into the society and reduce crime rate in the country.

Meanwhile the group solicits support from the general public for the completion of the Human Development Center, in Ogun state.

During 108th edition of the Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) held in Ogun State, the Amir of MSSN, Dr. Saheed Ashafa said the theme of the camp; ‘The Deception’ was chosen to redirect youths toward the right part.

“Undoubtedly we are all aware of prevalent practices of Nigeria youths in the act of sports betting, gambling, Internet fraud, drug abuse, and sexting, etc. These are priotised over education, morality and good conduct in our society. It is pertinent to note that these forms of distractions are erroneously believed to be pathways to comfort and success by its adherents unfortunately it is not”.

He explained that if the acts continue to thrive among the leaders of tomorrow, there is no hope for the country.

“Equally, our leaders in a position of authority in the country are not exempt in the charade. They need to do better and improve on their commitment to building the nation. Nigerian youths need to be encouraged by the government investing more in education than entertainment. They must promote virtue and discipline. The rate which the government spends public wealth on frivolities must be checked”.

He added that suicide is not a solution to the problem.

“Furthermore, we have records of frustration and depression leading to suicide by individuals. These are an act of deception that holds no solution to any problem in Islam” he said.

He recalled that Islamic vacation course IVC is a tradition inherited from forerunners and it has been in existence for about six decades.

“As we know, like our camping programmes, IVC remains the biggest meeting point for all Muslims students in higher institutions, Secondary, graduates and Postgraduates as well as Muslims who attend technical institutions, like the craftsmen and women in the country”.

He commended members of the group for their continued support for the project.

“Despite the economic strain in the country, our member’s contribution formed the pool of fund used for fencing of the site, foundation laying of Masjid and the pillars and skeletal structure you see here today all within a year and a half.

“These projects require that we stretch our hands of cooperation to other well-wishers within the Muslim community if we wish to hasten this development. We hope our guests here present will play a major role.

“For those who are here last year for 106th edition, compared to now. You would have noticed massive development on the site. So we appeal to you all for your donation towards more improvement on HDC ahead of 110th IVC next year. The next target in view is to complete the construction of the mosque with its roof, doors. Interiors, plumbing, and electrification.

“The longer we delay the project, the longer its cost continues to rise. As we speak, we need about 86 million to complete the Masjid. Bear in mind that the Masjid is for multipurpose use, as it would serve as an event center for training, seminars, and workshop among others pending the completion of the entire project.

“Finally as successively host thousands of Muslim youth here in Epe from day one, we encourage you all to invest in Allah’s cause through the development of this venue, HCDC.

As we do, we pray Allah reward you all in manifolds upon His cause” he said.

He expressed displeasure on the rigours involved in the process of students enrolling for the National Identity Number (NIN). “Nigerians are subjected to undue stress while applying for registration. We should not forget that NIN is now a condition attached to registration for Jamb, hence, NIN registration centres are congested without any hope of success in the process, people wake up at midnight and even abandon their businesses while students equally abandoned schools and classes in order to secure a place for early registration. Unfortunately, the process is marred by extortion, bribery and all forms of corrupt practices.

“There must be adequate monitoring and checks in place to solve logistic issues and ease the process. We make bold to state that government should ease the affairs of the people and not the other way round. This problem must be addressed immediately inorder to rekindle our hope that we have a responsive government”

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