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MUZASAF empowers 50 persons with Zakat proceeds

By Shakirah Adunola
19 August 2022   |   4:05 am
In a bid to reduce the poverty ravaging the indigent in the society, a non-governmental organisation, Muslim Zakawaat and Sadaqat Foundation (MUZASAF) has empowered no fewer than 60 people with cash and tools to boost their businesses.

Alhaja Amudalat Olajobi (left) presenting a grinding machine to a beneficiary, Ojo Iyabo during Muslim Zakawat and Sadaqat Foundation(MUZASAF) in Lagos. PHOTO: Shakirah Adunola

In a bid to reduce the poverty ravaging the indigent in the society, a non-governmental organisation, Muslim Zakawaat and Sadaqat Foundation (MUZASAF) has empowered no fewer than 60 people with cash and tools to boost their businesses.

Apart from funds, beneficiaries were empowered with freezers, generators, industrial sewing machines, grinding machines, ovens and gas cylinders among others.

Speaking during the foundation’s 10th Zakat distribution in Lagos State, the founder and the Executive Director of MUZASAF, Engr. Olajobi Mutiu said MUZASAF has been adding value to humanity for the past 10 years by helping the rich to enrich the poor.

“Since the inception of the foundation, about 400 people have been empowered aside from other empowerment programmes that the agency offers during Ramadan and Eid festivals,” she stated

He noted that the foundation stands on its own, with no affiliation with any religious organisation which makes it accessible to the general public.

He stated that they need more people to come into the programme because it is not the society’s own Zakat agency. This, he said, makes it easier for people to come to the foundation and seek support compared to when it belongs to a society where members will have more priority than outsiders, which is normal because most of the money generated is from the society, the funds generated are from the general public.

He implored people to support the foundation by paying their zakat and Sadaqah to MUZASAF.

“We have so many programmes like the jeep, waqful and others to raise funds to support the Muslim Ummah. Looking at the population of Muslims, N50, N100 goes a long way to alleviate the sufferings of the indigents. If people were employed before now, we would have been in peace, the issue of insecurity bedeviling the country would have not gotten to where it is today.

“The foundation couldn’t satisfy all those that needed support due to resources at disposal. We need more people to come into this programme because the foundation does not align with any society. if we could bring in more people to donate to the foundation people will get more support from the foundation,” he assured.

He advised the beneficiaries to make judicious use of what they receive no matter how small as it will go a long way to give support to the foundation. “We are rest assured that if what they are given is well utilised it will go a long way to solve some of the challenges in society.”

Managing Director, Meristem Wealth Management Limited, Sulaiman Adedokun, hailed the foundation for its impact over the years saying it is a good job that should be sustained.

“We are living at a time when people need help. I believe if people are empowered, they will empower others.
He appealed to well-meaning Muslims to join the foundation in assisting the teeming members of the society who are feeling the impact of the economic crunch.

“The insecurity and other issues bedeviling the country can all be resolved when we help ourselves by harnessing zakat to earn Allah’s pleasure. We need to take Zakat serious as we take other pillars of Islam. Let’s help others to help ourselves, as you are helping others you are helping yourself to live in a better society,” he stated

The Director of Operation, MUZASAF, Ghiyath Najmudeen, said the foundation is disbursing over N6 million with a major priority on tools for skilled workers.

“About 47 people benefited from the 2022 disbursement, apart from funds for business, debt and house rent, several items meant to revive and boost the business of the beneficiaries will be handed over to them. This year we concentrated on equipment for business. We realised that a lot of skilled professionals do not have the equipment to do business, some go as far as borrowing or renting tools. So, to assist the skill industry, we are giving tools to them to ease their work and for those in retail businesses we are providing them with cash to run their businesses,” he said.

He lamented that people’s response to Zakat payment is a great challenge, even before the economic downturn. “ People don’t understand the importance of Zakat. We have a limited number of people paying Zakat. If the majority of those qualified to pay zakat pay, we will have more than enough to give to people. Today we have few people contributing their Zakat. Due to the economic situation will, a lot of people found it difficult to pull out the 2.5 per cent from their wealth but we continue to advise, encourage and admonish people on the essence of Zakat,” he said.

He added that MUZASAF is open to Muslims nationwide; beneficiaries are drawn from Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun and Edo States.

“We make forms available every year before Ramadan. Beneficiaries are screened and those in need are picked. This year is the year we have the largest population of beneficiaries,” he declared.

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