Monday, 15th August 2022
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My experience of living in Coventry

Hi, my name’s Nwagboh Ugo and I am studying oil and gas management at Coventry University.

Hi, my name’s Nwagboh Ugo and I am studying oil and gas management at Coventry University.

Choosing the right university
Student life is hard to define – is it lazing around on campus lawn with friends, reading the student newspaper in the campus coffee shop, or nights in the library finishing your assignments? The truth is, student life is different for everyone, which is why when it
comes to picking your choice of school and what you intend to study, the process can be challenging. For me, gaining skills that would standout amongst employers when seeking employment was the main focus. I researched into different cities and its cultures and also their system of education to make a decision. I met with an agent (B&S Education Services) who spoke to me about Coventry University. I already had an idea about what I wanted to study, I just needed a little guidance. What solidified my decision to study at Coventry University was the positive things Coventry University graduates said about the University and also the
course as a whole.

When I arrived in Coventry
My lectures started in January 2018 and the first few nights in Coventry were different to what I was used to, due to the fact that the weather was not pleasant but, from there onwards, the experience has been wonderful. Everything from the teaching to the
student life – which is awesome because Coventry University makes it easy for students to connect and find people with similar interests. There are various functions you can attend and programs that are organised by the University. My overall experience
alongside the people and its culture are all things that have prepared me as an individual for the journey ahead, and has also influenced my attitude towards life generally.

Challenges I faced
The experience in Coventry has been very wonderful but a challenge I faced was plagiarism checks, because this is something that I have not been exposed to. My advice is, speak to your personal tutor or a lecturer about this when you start your course. The social life in Coventry does not fail to disappoint because there is something for everyone, from the variety of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs to arcades, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, karaoke bars and so much more!

As one of the leading institutions in the UK, I would personally recommend Coventry University to friends and family because I would want them to benefit from the various opportunities which Coventry has to offer.

Living in Coventry is affordable
Living in Coventry is relatively affordable in terms of tuition and living expenses in general. To prospective students, who are looking to apply to study at Coventry University or to those who have already been given admission to study at this wonderful institution –
studying at Coventry University will change you as an individual making you highly competent in terms of arming you with the right set of skills to enable you to stand out amongst your peers.

It isn’t too late to apply for courses starting in September, and if you that doesn’t suit you we have courses starting in January and May: