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NAHCON chairman bags award for efficient Hajj operations

By Shakirah Adunola
10 August 2018   |   4:25 am
The Chairman of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON Barr. Abdullahi Mulhtar Muhammad has been honoured with award for his giant strides in making Hajj easy and stress-free for the pilgrims.

Etsu of Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar (left) presenting award to The Chairman of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON),<br />Barr. Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammad in Abuja.

The Chairman of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON Barr. Abdullahi Mulhtar Muhammad has been honoured with award for his giant strides in making Hajj easy and stress-free for the pilgrims.

The Authority of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had singled him out for special appreciation and collaboration after Hajj 2017.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Blueprint Newspapers Limited, Alhaji Mohammed, said the event was meant to encourage outstanding leaders for their milestone in their fields of endeavour.

“Muhammad is a right step in the right direction. He willfully sacrificed his time, energy, money and spiritual engagement to make Hajj easy for Nigerian pilgrims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Such a public servant deserves accolades for leading by example in self-denial, personal sacrifice and upholding of the national interest”, he said.

He said the NAHCON Chairman made history by sacrificing his Hajj rites to cater for Nigerian pilgrims. “The decision to jettison his own spiritual engagements in Mecca for National Service inspired other NAHCON staff to do the same, hence, problems were timely attended to, pilgrims were given maximum attention and sick ones were well treated as NAHCON chairman himself moved around to assess situation of things”.
“The joy of every adult Muslim is to perform the fifth and the last pillar of Islam, Hajj exercise is both spiritual and exciting, a diligently performed Hajj wipes away sins and makes the pilgrim as sinless as a new born baby;
He said during the spiritual voyage, hotel accommodations procured by NAHCON for Nigerian contingents were very close to the two Holy Mosques. While pilgrims from other countries spend fortunes to transport themselves to Harams for prayers; Nigerian pilgrims merely stroll down the street to supplicate. Foods and drinks were provided for two square meals, medical clinics were adequately equipped to treat the sick Nigerians while ultramodern buses with-state-of-the-art facilities were deployed to convey Nigerians to ensure accident-free in Saudi Arabia.
“Many thanks to the amiable NAHCON chairman for efficient, efficacious and effervescent Hajj operations in 2017. Landmark achievements in the NAHCON is indelible and undeniable”, he said.

He implored media to contribute positively to national development through constructive criticisms when necessary and encourages celebration of achievements. Noting that the event was conceived to foster tolerance, unity and peace among Nigerians and to discourage ill vices such as hate speech.

Emir of Birnin Gwari, Mallam Zubair Jibril Mai Gwari II who delivered the keynote address urged traditional rulers to participate in national affairs most importantly at this trying moment of the country.

He added that a nation is said to be developed only if its youths are gainfully engaged in the production process.

Mai Gwari maintained that political will of leaders is sine qua none to the national development. He blamed the malaise in Nigeria on deficit in quality leadership and lamented the poor state of security in the country.

He explained further that the ugly situation befalling the country is due to inherited confused system of governance, which favours the concentration of power in the center. “ Instances of terrorist attacks across the country, concluding that state policing remains the best option to be adopted in order to quell the prevailing onslaught in the country’ he said..

Abdullahi Mukhtar appreciated the organizer for initiating the Impact Series; he said the award is not for him alone because a tree does not make a forest.