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NASFAT unveils six-point agenda for new Hijrah year

By Shakirah Adunola
29 September 2017   |   4:21 am
A reputable Islamic Organization, Nasrul-lahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT), has charged Muslims to improve on personal development around their spiritual life, carrier, finance, human relations, health and Family.

PHOTO: www.adelove.com

A reputable Islamic Organization, Nasrul-lahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT), has charged Muslims to improve on personal development around their spiritual life, carrier, finance, human relations, health and Family.

Speaking at a forum to commemorate the beginning of the New Year in Lagos, the Acting Missioner of NASFAT, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Onike congratulated Muslims on the celebration of the Hijrah 1439 and charged them to continue to reflect on the lessons of Hijrah.

Onike said: “Today we are marking the commencement of the hijrah calendar which means the period of reflection, thanksgiving and making of resolution. We give tanks to Allah for seeing us through 1438AH”.

He enjoined Muslims to turn a new leaf, to make resolution base on the six-point agenda of NASFAT.

“We have prayed and committed ourselves unto Allah; in Islam we have social affairs. There is nothing wrong with using the Gregorian calendar for our daily life activities but for our spiritual activities or religious activities our Creator who knows us better has enjoined us to make use of the Hijrah calendar for our spiritual activities. That is why we are urging the Muslims to use the Hijrah calendar for their spiritual activities”.

The Missioner urged Muslims in the country to continue to display love, care and peaceful co-existence with neighbors irrespective of religious affiliation or tribe.

“We will continue to promote peace and pray for peace in the country. People are beating drum of war, but if war breaks-out where will they run to? Those that are initiating it have never witnessed any war. All of them are young men, if war breaks-out, it will not differentiate between a Yoruba, Hausa or an Igbo man that is why we are enjoying peaceful co-existence among ourselves”.

He condemned the statement made by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) condemning SUKUK. He said although the Minister for Information, Lai Mohammed as replied them, SUKUK an Islamic bond is adopted in Europe, America and they have more Christians than in Nigeria.

“We shouldn’t let sentiment becloud our sense of reasoning; it has nothing to do with Islamisation of our country.

“When some states in East went to Islamic Development Bank last year to collect interest free loan, nobody cried of Islamisation of the country. People need to be educated, Sukuk is about using people resources to develop our structure, our ethical values in Islam is against taking interest and if there are so many other system like Sukuk for government to develop our infrastructure by asking the citizen to bring money to develop our infrastructure and give them stipends after seven or six years, what is bad in that?

“I am disappointed because of the statement issue by CAN leader and I want them to withdraw the statement. By introducing Sukuk the government has meant well for us, they are not reading religious angle to it. I enjoin CAN to support the present administration.

Onike advised IPOB agitators to use dialogue and peaceful negotiation to pursue their ambition.

“If they have any grievance there is better ways of going about it. They should go to the National assembly to lay their anger, table their point because the least President Muhammad Buhari will expect from us is destruction. The man is working to build the nation; I employ the entire Nigerians to give him supporting hand” he said.

Onike said the organization is planning a special prayer for Independence on October 1st.

The National Women Affairs secretary, NASFAT Worldwide, Alhaja Samiat Mumini appealed to the state government to declare 1st of Muharam as a public holiday for spiritual growth and prayer for the nation.

She urges Muslim women to be tolerant and ensure to take care of the family and the community at large.

Member of National Mission Board of NASFAT, Alhaji Dawood Oniyide said: “Hijrah means a lot to the Muslims, it is a period of reflection on significant of Hijrah

“Muslims must have the ability to make change, the Prophet migrated from Makah to Medina. This means that when a Muslim find himself in a place that is unbearable the next thing is to move to where he will be accepted. We need to change our ability and perception towards everything when there is need for a change” he said.