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New Year resolutions and predictions


Every end of year is awaited with baited breath in great expectation of what the New Year may have in store for us as individuals, for our society and for our world.

Generally, we enter a New Year with hope of a better morrow. Midnight 31 December, 2017 has come and gone. A split second separated pitch night 2017 and twilight 2018. And here we are, 2017 has become a recent history.

Many as is the custom could be seen singing and dancing in thanksgiving that they could say goodbye to the outgoing year and hearty welcome to the dawn of 2018.


Many were on their knees awaiting the auspicious moment and beseeching their stars, some others acknowledging superior and awesome power that is our Creator to alter their fortunes for good in the New Year.

Businessmen were hoping and wishing and praying for the dawn of Eldorado coming with the New Year. Some lonely hearts asked for husbands.

The sick and those agitated in soul asked for healing. Many a prophet, too, emerged from the seclusion on hill or mountain tops to mortal life to proclaiming to their faithfully waiting flocks the various visions of 2018 which they claimed were divinely inspired. It would not matter in the roar of the moment if prophets, alluding to a common source of briefing, contradict one another, some saying, for example, that the pump price of petrol would come down drastically and others certain the troubling almighty dollar would crash to give us peace. Many a parapsychologist and his crystal ball fared no better.

In the character which this season has taken, the multitude of resolution makers thronged back, for the umpteenth time, to make anew the same resolutions which would certainly be breached within a week or even before they rose to their feet.

A New Year brings new hope for a better life. It is the time to dream dreams. It is the time to rekindle resolve. Somehow there is this sensing that the world without cannot change for the better without prior corresponding change in the direction by the world within. A resolution or resolve, therefore, serves as a channel guide for the driving energy of the volition.

A wish or resolution is a deed sown in thought, written or spoken word. If it is well nourished and nurtured, it may blossom, flower and bear fruit. Wishes and resolutions are, in fact, desirable as mechanisms for character improvement and ennoblement which brings radiance, beauty, peace and happiness.

Predictions, too, if they are correctly received and passed on and are well understood for what they are may help to establish important signposts or road maps which facilitate safe journeys of life. But how many wishes or resolutions or predictions are natural, that is, are living and true, and, hence, based on the sound principles of life? I ask this question from the perspective of existence not being an accident or happenstance, which implies well-ordered and maintained activity systems such as we are familiar with in the day breaking and the night falling, in breathing or reproduction. Living resolutions or predictions do not deviate from this orderliness.


As revealed in higher knowledge available on earth today, the sensing or the urging to stand on higher ground every year is intuitive, that is, innate, not originating from the brain or the intellect. It accords with the shifts in the minute or hour hand of the world clock. The world or cosmic clock cannot be discussed here in detail for obvious reasons.

Suffice it to say the knowledge was received a long time ago by knowing ancient people who codified it in the 12 points of the Zodiac from which the earthly clock with its 12 time points and the calendar with its 12 months have also emerged. An incisive knowledge it must be which informed the division of Biblical Israel into 12 tribes and saw the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ numbering 12 as of the time He was on earth.

The idea of Zodiac or 12 point world clock goes back to Ephesus, the universe to which this earth belongs as no more than a speck of dust even though thus far, aided by powerful telescopes, man can see only about 83 million trillion miles stretch of it! Have we not been told by scientists who have occupied themselves with the study that the sun, a star, in its firmament is 93million miles away from the earth?

The cycle of the universe which spans many millions of years, is thus yet unknown except through revealed knowledge. Hence, “….of the time and hour, no-one knoweth.” Nor can it be otherwise established yet how far the universe has advanced in its cycle or where earthlings are in this gigantic scheme of things.

However, it has been established that the earth rotates on its axis, causing day and night thereby and revolves around the sun, producing the seasons. A third earth movement has been established also; its axis revolves through the moon’s gravitational influence.

This third motion, called precession, causes movement in the earth’s venal point. This is at the point at which the earth’s equator plane, projected into the universe, meets the orbit of the sun. It is on this apparent orbit of the sun on which lies the Zodiac and its 12 signs.

The Zodiac is now known to consist of 12 fields of force, in progression each more powerful and varied in radiation character from the other. Whichever the earth inclines towards at any time by virtue of its own movements exercises that peculiar influence upon it.


A perfect and immutable order is thus established in which, as infinitesimal as the earth might appear on the universe map and as indistinguishable as it might seem from the airplane high up in the skies, it nonetheless is firmly woven into world affairs, in the concept of the world as a cosmic-wide phenomenon.

Now, each cosmic or Zodiac force-field takes about 25,920 earth years to traverse by planet earth. Each force field, which on earth also corresponds with an Age, is the same as a World or Universe Hour.

In other words, an Age is 2,160 years which is one World Clock Hour…a case, any wonder, of 1,000 years here being like one day thence! From the spiritual perspective, since man is spirit and is thus spiritual, each Age is meant for the accomplishment of a stage of spiritual development, and hence, maturity as in the earthly where there is a time to crawl and there is a time to walk.

This century has brought, as an example, the transition from Age “Pisces” to Age “Aquarius,” the Age of the Holy Spirit, bringing in its trail awakening, accelerated ripening and intensified harvesting—consistent with its character of greater pressure.

Hence, there are storms everywhere, in the world, in homes, in the lands, on the seas, in societies, in businesses, in economy, in politics, earthquakes, hurricanes, wars and rumours of wars and aberrations in conduct, warped and distorted thinking, name it! “All that is dead shall be awakened to face judgment,” thus saith the Lord. This, therefore, means that the earth has been inclining steadily towards higher order of currents, which must consequently bring greater pressure than the past ones.

Strong tensions, previously non-existent, have been discovered in the cosmos. In October, 1992, German scientists reported discovery of a second newly-found force-field around the earth, the first of such discoveries was in the 70s.

It is important to note that just as a school boy cannot find his new class easy who did not have a proper grounding in the preceding one, a humanity lagging behind in its spiritual development cannot easily prosper in any new Age, which portends greater pressure than it ever stood in, if it arrives in that new Age immature for it.

For the world rhythms cannot stop on account of man. We human beings have to catch up with our teacher and guide……Nature, behind which stands the Power of the Creator, animating and driving it.


It is, therefore, understandable why resolutions, wishes abound in the end of year and the beginning of a New Year. Another earth year has just ended and a new one has just received humanity to roll them on, as if on a conveyor belt, to the next step of the unfolding new-Age. Each New Year, being advancement in the cosmic or world clock or the roughly 2,160 earth year-Age, must bring far greater pressure than the previous one. Intuitively, humanity senses this and thus stands in trepidation of what a New Year will bring. Perhaps, if I could do this, many reason, I would be enamored. And the “seers” emerge, in many cases, no more knowing or seeing than the troubled souls, but all the same offering to lead the way.

Resolutions call for a foundation of naturalness. The resolution maker is expected in all naturalness, to walk into the New Year one step at a time.

Forced resolutions are false resolutions. They soon become illusions, artificially enforced, at best intellectually evoked resolutions, never works of the spirit.

A resolution that flowers is founded on an all-embracing longing for the good which, as it wells up in the intuition, envelopes the thoughts before they take on forms.

Such a foundation can by no means be difficult to lay in a setting of humility, self-conquest and self-mastery. It calls for the subordination of the intellect to the intuitive perception, that quiet, gentle, light, and appealing inner voice, the voice of the spirit, which usually strikes through in picture form, never in thought pattern, out of the blues, as distinct from intellectual work which is tedious, heavy, laboriously reasoned out or thought out.

The next stage, of course, is familiarization with Nature, and its regularities or Laws, a proper grasp of their import and recognition of the Will which lies behind them and which they bear and to which they give expression.

Every seer claims to have personally encountered the Creator. Many say the Almighty God spoke directly to them. If this were true, there should be no conflict in the various messages from the Creator on the same affairs. For how can He, undeceitful, but ever true, double speak when He tells one that the value of the Naira will appreciate this year and tells the other that it will not. No one can personally see the Creator nor hear or bear His Voice.

Such a human being would perish in the enormity of his Power. If the Lord Christ had come to the world, in all His Power, the world, indeed the entire universe would have melted under His feet.

How many people can survive in the epicenter of an earthquake? How many can stand a bomb blast? Who can even survive contact with live national grid overhead in electricity cable? We duck under our beds at the flash of lightning and roar of thunder on a stormy rainy day. Yet we puny human beings, imagine we can withstand that which manifestly stands above all else, the sparks of Whose radiation gave rise to all the worlds!

The grounds for seeing and predictions exist nevertheless. However, each seer can never rise beyond the world homogenous with his inner maturity.

Thus, some seers see just beyond their noses, others even the depths, but not many the sublime. Even among those who are able to divine just beyond their environment, their works stand grossly in danger of ethereal distortions.

In many cases, they are approached by degenerate entities from the beyond. Such degenerate entities read the forms of the seer’s thoughts and validate them, giving the seer the impression about his abilities. They may even deceive him outright.

The unsuspecting seer thus passes such information on genuinely believing them to be correct. There may be other situations in which given the inner integrity of the seer, a light soul wishing to pass useful information on approaches him and begins to relay a message.

Midway, however, he may withdraw if a dark entity approaches him. The dark entity may take over the process. And the clairaudient person, unaware of this, believes he is still in communication with the original light soul. There have been many cases dark entities set up a seer or prophet without their being aware of it. Predictions do give delight to hearers or send cold shivers down their spine. There is always the danger of a listener who is given delightful message becoming over confident.

As a result, he may slacken in his drive and he does not benefit from what he is told at the end of the day. The person who is given unflattering piece of information gets scared. The fear generates a dark ring around him, thus disconnecting him from approaching help.

No matter what there will always be seers, true and false prophets. What will profit everyone will be to develop his personal inner strength which can only come about by swinging in the Laws, the Divine Laws, and look unto the Lord the Creator of all, in calm confidence.


Restructuring is the answer
It does not require much to see that all is not well with our country and the major problem is security and the economy, and none of which can be properly addressed until the issue of the National Question is resolved. Do we have the truly glorious country of our dream or a shadow of it? What can be more beautiful than having a country of different nationalities each bringing in their colours, tones and bloom under the huge and extended canopy called Nigeria?

The colours are today fading and bloom is petering out. Consider just a picture of a cultural festival in which each nationality group puts on display the strength, the colour and richness of who they are, their history and their arts, with bright and delightful faces and confidence, each competing for a pride of place and the trophy the fiesta may attract. How can we put such beauty under threat through carelessness and superficial thinking?

There has been a lot of literature for us to take the right step of restructuring the country. The Emeka Anyokus of this world have spoken lending his wide exposure in the course of his international assignment as Secretary General of the Commonwealth to bear on his thoughtful dissertation on the subject of restructuring. Said he on one occasion, at the 2016 United Nations International Youth day, held at the University of Lagos:

“I have maintained since 2005 on the basis of my over 10 years experience with governance in over 50 countries of the Commonwealth that Nigeria cannot attain political stability and its desire for national and social-economic development unless it restructures its existing governance architecture.

“The restructuring that I am advocating poses no threat to Nigeria’s unity. On the contrary, it is the continuation of the ongoing agitation in different parts of the country which is encouraged by the present governing structure that will most probably lead to the undoing of Nigeria’s unity.”

Many more eminent people have spoken across the country but President Buhari is unmoved and we can all see the price of this rigidity. One of the obvious fall-outs of the present structure is insecurity. The primary responsibility of the state is to guarantee security. We are living in the Hobbesian state in which life is brutish and short. Life has become so cheap and uncertain in practically all parts of the country.

The governors are chief security officers of their states, but they are handicapped to the point of helplessness. The states make laws that their executive arms cannot adequately and effectively enforce because there are no enforcement agents of their own. It is troubling that the president does not appear concerned that something should be done about it when the answer lies in the establishment of the state police which is an important aspect of restructuring.

All we hear is that the police would leave no stone unturned to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice, and the impunity goes on hardly abating.

Many would recall that devolution of powers to the states formed the cornerstone of Buhari’s campaign promises.
Because of space constraint today, the subject of restructuring cannot be properly thrashed today, it will be revisited full-blown by this column some other day.

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