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Nigerian Police Force and martyrs in Offa Part 1


Nigerian Police

And guard against a calamity that will afflict not only the evil doers among you and know that the Almighty is severe in punishment (Quran 8 verse 25))
It was not the first time. It was not the first time men and women of the Nigerian police force were mercilessly murdered by those whose souls have been sold to Jezebels. It was not the first time. It was not the first time husbands suddenly became widowers and wives became widows no thanks to the atrocious pursuit of the pleasures of Beelzebub. It was not the first time. It was not the first time towns and villages were turned to theatres of carnage and brigandage by elements and hellions from the fringes of the Nigerian society who, basking in the utter loss of vision and direction, thought the violent usurpation and appropriation of the wealth of the masses is a guarantee for life in and of gold not the gulag that awaits and befits noxious personages like them. It was not the first time. It was not the first time those whose duty it is to secure the unsecured would be cut down in a firestorm of bullets and pellets and in that very moment when alertness and constant preparedness for the unknown represented the touchstone of heroism and professionalism.

Such is their story. I meant to say that such has been their story. The story of jailbirds and residents of asylum. For them crime and criminality have become big business. No judge could harangue or harass them. No imprisonment could be the tour-de-force neither in their egregious outlook to the world not to talk of the society. They look at the society in the manner of Jackals. They detest and loathe everything good. They constantly desire to punish all for their unfortunate situation and circumstance. They live in the abyss; they always want to draw everybody down there; to join them in Armageddon.

They therefore would always band together. As soon as they are released from prison, they go back to the underworld in order to perpetrate more evil that would send them back to where they ‘belong’. They always do. Somebody always come up with the ‘job’, with the idea; the idea on the new target to be robbed. The bigger the target the bigger the team. The “best” armed robbery is usually staged not by an armed robber but by armed robbers. Like the security apparatus, no robbery would take place until adequate ‘intelligence” has been gathered; no violent robbery operation would take place anywhere in the world until the other ‘intelligence’ is rendered nugatory; until the fifth columnist from within the official security apparatus has provided the armed robbers with the data and information they needed; until the official security outfit had gone to ‘sleep’ thinking every peaceful ‘yesterday’ means there would be peaceful ‘today”.

Brethren, since armed robbers are usually men, men with blood and spirit in their bodies, it means they are mortals like me and you. It means they would always have to look for a place to eat, to sleep, to satisfy their sexual instincts. Since they are mortals like me and you, it means they must coordinate their actions; they must interpret the data supplied to them by the fifth columnist within the official apparatus. No successful armed robbery operation can take place unless and until adequate weak links and gaps have been provided by the actors for the otherwise proactive security outfit to leverage upon. In other words, if our Police force is not as challenged as it is presently, no horrendous acts of brigandage would continue to take place in our cities.

In other words, since the day Nigeria entered into modernity, it appears our security apparatus has been fashioned after one and only one philosophy – response to security challenges; not proactive actions with the potentials to nip perpetration of crimes in the bud before they occur. Out of ten security breaches that would have upset the security system in the United States, at least eight of such are usually discovered before the perpetrators get to the field. Our Police force is challenged. Our DSS is trying. I know that those who have come a long way would always discover they have a long way to go. The Police force has the potentials to do more; I doubt whether they have the materials and the capacity to achieve more.

Thus they met where they usually met. In hotels. In deserted buildings; in dilapidated homesteads; under the bridges that those “tenants” in government houses have long abandoned. They met and perfected their plans to inflict pain and grief on the sleepy town of Offa the same way they inflicted pains and suffering on that other town known as Ikirun in Ifelodun local government area of Osun states years ago.
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