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No, infusion of raspberry leaves, nettles, honey won’t treat fibroids and period problems, or boost breast milk


Water in which raspberry leaves and nettles have been boiled, with honey added, can make period cycles regular, treat fibroids, relieve menstrual problems and boost breast milk, claims a message posted on Facebook.

“If you have irregular menstrual cycles, try an infusion of raspberry leaves and nettles, macerated in boiling water, for 5 min. Filter and drink the infusion, adding honey as needed,” it reads.

A regular menstrual cycle – the time from the start of one period to the start of the next period – is about 28 days. With an irregular menstrual cycle, this time may get shorter or longer, with your period being early or late. There are several different causes.

Fibroids are benign – non-cancerous – growths in the womb or uterus, made of muscle and other tissues.

Menstrual problems may refer to various uncomfortable symptoms during your period.

But can drinking this infusion treat period problems and fibroids, and increase a breastfeeding mother’s milk? We checked.


See an expert instead

We asked John Ekabua, a professor of adolescent gynaecology and reproductive health in the University of Calabar’s faculty of medicine, if any science supported the remedy.

“There is no scientific basis for this claim,” he said.

“There are some cases where we give drugs to women with fibroids who have symptoms such as pain, or a heavy menstrual flow that doesn’t follow the menstrual cycle. There are also surgical options, especially for women who still plan to have children.”

Ekabua said women with any of these conditions should instead see an expert, instead of trying unverified anecdotal remedies. The expert can assess their condition and prescribe the proper treatment.

The British National Health Service says: “Treatment may not be necessary if you have fibroids but do not have any symptoms, or if you only have minor symptoms that are not significantly affecting your everyday activities.

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