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‘Nobody should be poor, no matter their age, culture or education’


Dr. Adebola Olubanjo is a Chartered Accountant and a business advisor. He is a member and fellow of many national and international professional bodies including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants -UK, (FCCA.), and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (FCIT), In 2003, he established the Entrepreneurship Promotions Academy International to build entrepreneurs and promote business ownership in Nigeria. He is currently an Executive Director in Business Network international (BNI), a member of BKR International an association of Independent Accounting firms and Business Advisors with offices in 80 Countries of the world. He has written several books to assist SMEs and aid entrepreneurs. Olubanjo is the Coach of WealthyU in Nigeria, a poverty alleviation and wealth creation platform with international affiliations. In this interview with ADELOWO ADEBUMITI he spoke about motivating people for wealth creation, WealthyU, its benefits and its implication for poverty alleviation in Nigeria.

What is WealthyU?
WealthyU is a global community of those who desire to create wealth and avoid poverty. It is also a community of people who are already rich and wealthy. Its purpose is to inspire individuals all around the world to make something out of what they have in order to live above the poverty level regardless of age, environment, country. At WealthyU club, we motivate people to take steps to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones. We provide an international community where people who are already rich and wealthy and those who desire to be rich and wealthy interact and impart each other positively. We demystify the process of wealth creation, maintenance and accumulation.

It is a community comprising of two categories of members. The first category is made up of free members. Every candidate must register online to become a member. Anybody who can read in English can be a member. Most of what we do is online. Our members are in London, Canada, USA and other countries of the world. To join, a person must be willing and prepared to improve his or her financial position in a legal way. The second category is premium membership. Some of the premium members are people who want to impart other people’s lives. They tell their own stories and encourage others to move on in life and create wealth. Such members join the Wealth Coach to build up a crop of young people who are willing to enjoy financial freedom by following practical and time-tested principles. We believe that nobody should be poor no matter the age, culture, education or family background. WealthyU does not believe in quick money or gambling in any form. Any member known to be involved in gambling or illegal business will be asked to leave the club. And where appropriate, the law enforcement authorities may be invited.


How did WealthyU Started?
The story of Wealthyu is linked to the book “ How to create wealth and avoid poverty “. It took me three years to write and publish the book. Westbowpress in USA eventually published it in 2016. The book is available worldwide. In fact, it is on Amazon and many other book outlets. My motivations for writing the book are many; they include motivating people to take steps to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones. How to rally people to avoid poverty and to provide a tool for teaching people to create and accumulate wealth. I wanted to show people how to sustain wealth and show parents how to ensure that their children create and maintain wealth. I actually wanted to demystify the process of wealth creation and make every person on earth to cooperate with his or creator the Almighty God in the work of creation and multiplication of wealth.

After publishing the book, I realised that the price will be above the realm affordable for many poor people especially in Africa and Nigeria in particular. The paper cover was priced at $11 and hard cover at$28. How many people of my target audience will be eager to pay four thousand naira for one book? I prayed about it and what I received was that I should not sell the book but it must go round the world. I questioned myself how it can that be possible. I prayed again and the answer was WealthyU Club. The book is free but you must be a Premium member. WealthyU was launched in November 2016. We will be celebrating the one-year anniversary on today. To attend, you have to register in advance. WealthyU is registered online. I have to thank the Guardian newspaper for the support since we started a relationship. We are grateful.

Does WealthyU train people who are not members?
Not at the moment; this is because we would like to monitor the progress of our members. Being a member is a way of staying committed to the programs and plans of WealthyU community. However, non-members can attend our events provided they register for the event in advance. Also, non-members can attend our monthly teaching and practical sessions for the first time. If they want to attend the second time they need to register at least as free members. It is not possible for non-members to access our resources online. They need a code which will be given to only registered members.

How has it been so far and how are Nigerians responding to it?
The response so far has been encouraging but we need to create more awareness about the WealthyU community. Nigerians as you know are very hardworking people who require an enabling environment to excel, they also need mentors and experienced people who have thrived or are thriving in the midst of an unfriendly business environment such as ours, hence the WealthyU community provides the needed support and guidance to all and sundry, their response have been amazing.


What are your challenges?
The challenges we face include getting attention of people to see membership benefits. We also need more Premium Members to tell their stories and motivate others. Success has a process, but many people want magical or quick solution to it. It takes time and discipline to secure enduring wealth creation and accumulation.In WealthyU, we are farmers and not hunters. Farmers know that you have to prepare the land, get good seed, don’t eat all the seeds, watch the seed germinate and grow until the time when it is due for harvesting. Farmers wait but hunters don’t. The mind-set of the people needs to change. Some people want WealthyU to give them money either as a loan or a gift. This is not possible. We teach people to start from where they are and with what they have. WealthyU is international. We cater for long-term financial literacy and discipline.

What are the benefits of being a WealthyU Member?
We have two membership categories; premium membership and free membership, all categories have their respective benefits. For the premium members, the benefits are – Individual financial and business clinic session with the wealth coach which they schedule themselves. Others are first choice seats at any WealthyU event, free videos, free books written by the wealth coach, free WealthyU publications, access to personality test which the wealth coach reviews and advices; access to being featured in WealthyU publications and videos, and active participation in all WealthyU events. For the free members, benefits include free download of some WealthyU materials, Interaction with the wealth coach via WhatsApp and Instagram, active interaction at the WealthyU community, and access to WealthyU seminars or trainings.

Any advise for those who want to change their lifestyle?
Creating wealth takes a process and that process must be followed to the latter, if you want to short change it, you will fail. There is no discrimination about getting wealthy. Your age, colour of your skin, educational level or your background cannot prevent you from becoming wealthy. You don’t blame the circumstance; you change the circumstance by taking charge of your life.

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