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On ‘menstruating’ men in our cities

By Afis Oladosu
13 December 2019   |   4:30 am
Every passing day, I appreciate the more, the meaning of the attribute of the Almighty, al-Sabur. This attribute reminds us that He is the Ever-Patient. Unlike humans, He is always not in haste.


And the two who commit it among you, dishonor them both… (Quran 4: 16)

Every passing day, I appreciate the more, the meaning of the attribute of the Almighty, al-Sabur. This attribute reminds us that He is the Ever-Patient. Unlike humans, He is always not in haste. He is never in a hurry. He works according to plan. He follows due process. Otherwise, the evils humans perpetrate in the world today should have led to another great deluge. I refer to the deluge that emptied the earth of everything on it during the time of Prophet Nuh (a.s). The world would have been afflicted with another willowing wind- the wind that rendered the homesteads of the people of ‘Ad into nothing; they became like paper boats at the mercy of the tide.

I became attentive to the above a couple of days ago when the news came to town that two men were arrested by the police consequent upon acts of ‘love’ that went awry. The first man was the ‘actor’; the second, the acted upon. The first, the lover, the second the beloved. The first the ‘man’, the second, the man who acted the ‘woman’; the first the ‘giver’, the second, the receiver. Yes. It was sour. It was the distasteful story of two men loving each other.

Here goes the story, a very greasy and grumpy story indeed. Adekunle became the complainant after they were arrested by the Police. He became the protagonist when he got to the police station. Bassey, his partner in evil, was the actor who became the antagonist. They were introduced to each other by the unknown devil, the connector and facilitator of raunchy relationship among men. There in Lagos as it is in Lafia and Kano. Adekunle offered his anus on demand to Bassey not out of real love but for money- twenty thousand naira. He chose to act the ‘woman’ for pecuniary gains. Definitely not for the first time. Could not have been. According to him, “Bassey has had sex with him three times”. As a result of this atrocious and perverse conduct, he told the police that he has started bleeding in the anus profusely. Adekunle is now menstruating! Or what else could that be? He capped the story up by saying that “Bassey has refused to pay him the promised N20,000’ despite the ‘service’ he rendered to him.

In recent years, whenever I heard stories of how homosexualism has become fashionable in the West, each time the global powers threaten non-Western nations for not making homosocial practices lawful, I always ask myself- ‘could the Almighty be wrong by taking homosocial relationship off the ‘menu’ for Muslims’? Thus when Adekunle complained of bleeding in the anus as a result of the perverse practice, I shook my head not out of anger anymore but out of pity. I pity humans who have chosen the path of indignity. I pity those who have forsaken the natural path in search of certain pleasures; pleasures that ultimately lead to pain and destruction.

But exactly what feeds this trend? Is homosexuality a natural endowment like heterosexual orientation? Could the Almighty make something unlawful and yet force the same thing on His creatures? Could the Almighty be author of confusion?

Fal-Iyyadh billah. There is no doubt in my mind that answers to the above questions are in the negative. There are many reasons homosocial relationship is abhorred in Islam. The first of these reasons is that it is not prescribed by the Almighty, the Creator of entities in pairs, male and female. If homosocial relations were to be the norm, duality of gender would not have been His choice. The creation of women, the female gender would have become invalid and nugatory by the creation of men who would lost after their own gender.

Following from the above, it becomes evident that male-male and female-female sexual relations goes against nature. It runs against human’s sense of morality. When men get married to men and women are tied in wedlock to their own gender, the very foundation of human societies, the family, becomes destroyed. Children are deprived the opportunity of having role models in their fathers and mothers- society becomes invalid. Again once a society, like the West, reaches the consensus that the abnormal is the new-normal, immorality becomes civil right. The burden of tolerance is shifted to the larger society; those who abhor homosexual practices are declaimed as being primeval and antediluvian.

Yes. Welcome to the new normal. Nowadays the manifestation of different sexual orientations no matter how sooty and yucky they are partakes of constitutionally guaranteed human rights. The notion in the West is that human beings own their bodies- they have a right to do whatever pleases them with it.

But perhaps the most fundamental argument in favour homosexual is medical. I have participated in conferences where homosexual orientations have been given medical validity; that no man begins to lust after his gender except that he is genetically wired to do same and that there is nothing that can be done about it. Up till today, similar arguments have not been canvassed for other tendencies or occurrences in medicine such as the birth of con-joined twins and other birth abnormalities. Whereas orthodox medicine takes pride whenever it succeeds in correcting these anomalies, no research is being carried out, so it seems, on ways by which those with homosocial genetics could be cured of that orientation.

No. Our world today is that which does not blame genetics for adultery and thievery. Yes. It is that which has established huge industries in support of and in service to homosexuality. Our world has become that in which people derive pleasures from being mad. Yes. There are pleasures in being mad which none but the mad man knows.
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Oladosu is a professor of Middle Eastern, North African and Cultural Studies Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan.