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Plentywaka provides solution to public transportation around Lagos

With the recent ban of commercial bikes and tricycles (popularly known as Okada and Keke) in some LGAs in Lagos, Lagosians have turned the spotlight to alternative means of transporting and one of such is Plentywaka.

With the recent ban of commercial bikes and tricycles (popularly known as Okada and Keke) in some LGAs in Lagos, Lagosians have turned the spotlight to alternative means of transporting and one of such is Plentywaka.

In September 2019, Plentywaka, a technology-driven ride-hailing service set out to provide Nigerians convenience, safety and comfort in their daily rides. This was established in accordance with the SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth and SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

Since its launch, they have been consistent with improving their services from the introduction of new vehicles, the launch of new routes, upgraded features on the mobile app, customer relationship with riders, constant training recruitment for drivers and vehicle assistants amongst others.

The mission is to be Nigeria’s leading tech-driven company focused on the public transportation service with key emphasis on customer service, excellence, safety, convenience, and maximum comfort.

Lagosians are currently gearing towards using the ride-hailing service much more than when it first started and these are a few reasons why;

Comfort and Convenience
Plentywaka says they are committed to improving the lives of Lagosians by ensuring they experience comfort and convenience throughout their rides to and fro their destination. This was the key motivation for kickstarting the technology-driven transportation company that is gradually moving over 2000 riders daily around the city of Lagos.

To ensure comfort and convenience for all riders with every trip taken, Plentywaka ensures all vehicles registered on the platform are fully air-conditioned, spacious, and comfortable. These are some of the perks of riding with Plentywaka over the regular public means of transportation as identified by the riders.

Easy To Use Booking App
The Plentywaka service system is one where riders can simply book for rides right from the mobile app, which is made available for download on both the IOS and Android devices. It is as simple as downloading the Plentywaka app, filling in the required details and ordering a ride from one bus stop (within Plentywaka routes) to the other.

The mobile app has been set up with features such as the Wakapurse, Referral system, Multiple options for Booking vehicles and seats, Rating System, real-time vehicle tracking and great user interface amongst others.

Safe and Secure Rides
Plentywaka is committed to safety as the peace of mind of their riders is a top priority. The goal is for every ride to be safe and comfortable from start to finish.

The drivers and vehicle assistants are well screened and trained to ensure riders feel safe while riding on the vehicles. A professionally-administered background check is done on all drivers before they are allowed on any of the Plentywaka vehicles.

To eliminate fraudulent activities or impersonation, all vehicles are branded for easy identification. The vehicles are numbered and branded with a QR code added on the body of the vehicles that riders can use to download the app, book rides, check-in and check out of the vehicles.

Also, features have been put in place to help riders feel safe and secure while they ride. When riders book trips, they get to see details such as the license plate, make, model, and vehicle number in the app which they can match with the vehicle before stepping in. Also, a call number is made available for constant communications with the vehicle assistants before onboarding a bus.

Easy Payment System
To ensure an easy, flexible payment system and promote cashless policy, Plentywaka provided multiple means of funding individual e-wallets within the app, also known as the Wakapurse.

With the Wakapurse, riders can conveniently pay for rides by funding their wallet with any amount they wish to, either through their ATM card, e-banking or through Monnify payment gateway system.

Riders get to save themselves the stress of moving about with cash or struggling over “no change” issues which is prevalent with Lagos public transport. It is easy as they can simply just book rides afterward, get to the destination, check out and get moving as the system automatically deducts the fare from the already funded Wakapurse.

Great Headstart To Solving Lagos Traffic
Lesser cars on the roads equate lesser traffic. Especially in Lagos where Plentywaka currently operates. As much as Plentywaka might not be a total solution to the traffic situation, it is a great headstart as more people now conveniently leave their cars at home to join the ride-hailing vehicles. It is comfortable and hassle-free, hence the drive for it.

Riders have attested to the fact that they would rather wait to board a vehicle with Plentywaka than drive their own cars to ease the stress of driving daily in Lagos.

Affordable Fare Rates
With Plentywaka, people can spend lesser than other taxi-hailing services for the same level of comfort and convenience. The fares are based on distance traveled for each trip which could be as low as N50- N450. In cases of surges and high traffic situations, Plentywaka ensures that prices stay within an affordable range.

Great Customer Service
Need a hand? It’s super easy to get support through any of their customer helplines which is always available during their time of operations.

They are keen on delivering excellence in the delivery of their service, hence the well-trained, dedicated and excellent customer service team. They treat all complaints, feedbacks, and inquiries on a one on one basis with the riders.

Expansion Plans?
With a service like this, it will be interesting to see how the team expands its services to other routes in Lagos and eventually into other states.

According to the Managing Director, Ena Johnny, Plentywaka is looking to build relationships with key stakeholders and the government of other states in the country to provide its technology and service to make better the commuting experience of Nigerians in general. Johnny also confirmed that they are in the process of fundraising to build their technology and marketing efforts at scale. So, time will tell as we hope to see this become a successful venture in the future with the support of all stakeholders in the transportation sector of the country.

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