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Power Against Destructive Dreams (4)




THIS week, we shall be considering the various factors that influence the dreams that we have.

• Flesh: Our flesh has a terrible influence on our dream lives. The more your flesh controls your life, the more terrible your dreams will be. A lot of people fall into this category. Your flesh recognises what you want even without you thinking about it and so your dreams will be based on those things that are in your subconscious. Also, if you have been thinking about a particular person, or something you want to do, then that is what you will dream about. That is why it is good to operate in the spirit and not in the flesh. Those who walk in the flesh cannot please God.

• The Level Of Your Purity: If you live a holy life, there are certain kinds of dreams you will never have. Those sisters that dream about people coming to sleep with them have something in their physical lives or in their thought life that is unholy. If you live a dirty life, then you will have certain types of dreams regularly; but if your life is pure, these dreams will never come. So, when you start having certain dreams, you need to assess your life properly.

• The Company You Keep: If you have worldly friends, then you will have worldly dreams in which you will see yourself doing worldly things.

• Foundation And Background: If you come from a foundation of idolatry or ancestral worship, then you can have dreams in this area.

• Being Under A Curse Or An Evil Covenant: This will certainly affect your dreams. For example, if you have been covenanted to marine spirits, then you will always see yourself in the ocean, river or stream.

• The Enemies You Have: If you have a pharaoh kind of enemy that does not want to let God’s people go, then you will be running helter-skelter in your dream. If you have a pharaoh enemy, then it means that God has great plans for you and the enemy does not want you to achieve it.

• Level Of Word Of God In Your Life: A lot of Christians run away from the enemy in their dreams because they do not have the word of God in their lives. It is a tragedy when you are constantly being defeated in your dreams, or when you are confronted with evil in your dream and you cannot quote a word of God against your confronter.

This means that your spiritual life is weak and you do not have God’s word in your life.

• What You Eat And Drink: If you get drunk, you are powerless and defenceless and the Holy Spirit will not abide in you. Your drunkenness will make you weak and it gives any spirit husband or wife the chance to get to you.

Pastor Ogunorunyinka is the General Overseer,
The Promisedland Restoration Ministries, Surulere, Lagos.

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