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Pregnant and Fabulous


stylewithpatience-2-Copycharitybaaitse-2-1024x1024 CopyBeing pregnant is a wonderful experience but we all know its not all sugar and sweetness for many women. A lot of women go through a lot of unexpected bodily changes and find it difficult to dress for the day and sadly, style and fabulousity is usually thrown out of the window during this period. The mommy league doesn’t mean the nay-slayers league. Let your sense of style remain impeccable, even more so.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so! You can be very pregnant and still slay like a true fashionista that you are. First and foremost, you do know it’s not compulsory to wear those oversized maternity apparel just to be comfortable, right? You can still look super chic and stylish without looking frumpy and sloppy and be pregnant to boot.

The key to dressing stylish and chic during pregnancy is to pick out the latest hot trends and adapt them to your new body size. Yes, you read right. Don’t still understand how the magic works? Then here are some easy tips:

1. Pick bigger sizes or plus size dresses rather than going to the maternity section all the time.

2. Choose snug over bulk: Trying to hide your baby bump with oversized cloth only gives a bulky look. Try stretchy clothes to fit your silhouette and fit your form.

3. Play with colours: you’re pregnant and glowing so compliment that glow with bright blazers and jackets, tops and dresses, rather than greys and neutrals.

4. Wear colour black: yes ladies, black. Wearing black with just a pop of colour is a never dying tip to look chic, and the best part is that it even gives a slimming effect. So put on a black dress or pants and a blouse with a pair of heels and look absolutely chic while expecting.

5. Exercise: Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should throw your exercise regime out the door. Simple, basic and safe exercises would go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy as well as help tremendously with the post-pregnancy weight loss goals.

Finally always put a smile on, this is a woman’s best accessory. It takes years away and leaves you looking refreshed and serene. So, follow these easy tips and look super chic while expecting.

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