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Queen Jasmine and her amazing handicraft skill


“Passion is fuel for the will”

I am Queen Jasmine, and I am a kid entrepreneur, I own Queen Jasmine Creations. I started handicrafts about 3 years ago, I started at a summer camp in 2014, I make my own beads, earrings, bracelets, jewelry boxes etc. This year I started working with paper/newspaper, so I made handbags out of old newspapers. I liked it because most people aren’t familiar with it.

Having spent so much time and energy on the newspaper bag, I planned to sell them but wasn’t sure people would want to buy a bag made from newspapers. I then tried out purses/clutch with Ankara fabric, before I came up with the idea of using Denim (which I love wearing a lot) with Ankara to make up cycled bags. So I thought a backpack would be cool and easy to carry to church or occasions. I proceeded to make one with the help of my Mum, who guided me. My Mum is a great person, I love her.

At first I was a bit discouraged but she made me see my potential and helped me with resources. I made my first Denim backpack with a touch of Ankara fabric and I fell in love with it. A lot of people asked where I got my Ankara back pack and so I decided to make more and sell to my friends. Coincidentally, the Kid entrepreneurs fair opportunity came up and My Mum saw how serious I was, so she registered me for the fair. Lol, I wasn’t sure I had the courage to meet a lot people but Mum said people will like my collection. She said “Take the next step. It’s one thing to see an opportunity, it’s another to do something about it”. So I made more of the bags, beads, bracelets and other crafts to sell at the fair. The large task was overwhelming, but I made up my mind to do it. I had to change my mindset and I believed in my talent.


Surprisingly, I sold out all my backpacks at the fair and I got 25 orders afterwards. Lol, I had to even sell my own bag, because of a kid who begged to take one of my collections home. I had no choice, as a business person I have to learn how to please my customers first.

You can achieve success in whatever you set your mind to do. Don’t be scared, just try!

DIY Steps on how to make up cycled bags

Materials needed
• Denim
• Ankara Fabric
• The most important thing is to find out what materials are at your disposal and what will be of value to people
• For me I tried newspaper before using fabric, Denim is strong and durable.
• Have an idea what you want to make, for me it was something I could use and I thought other girls will love too
• Once you decide, draw what you have in mind, get the materials like denim and start playing with your needle and thread the materials after cutting. Go back to your drawing to check your drawing. Sew them use nice accessories to make it unique and beautiful.

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