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Re: Oshiomhole: Digging holes at finish line

By Usman Abudah
15 May 2016   |   3:20 am
His period of service, even to the likes of Dan Orbih, the Short-Wang-carrying chief, within their conscience, would agree that Oshiomhole has indeed worked for the good of the Edolites.


On a periodic level, “columnists” assign to themselves issues that they are least informed about and of recent was Leo Sobechi (The Guardian on Sunday, May 8, 2016 page 10) in which he recalled the generally known details of Governor Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole’s dogged climb from his unionism tactics to his governmental astuteness.

A good essayist indeed is Leo Sobechi, but he doesn’t realise he has really not dived deeper into unfolding the current waves in Edo State as the Governor is framing up a progressive chart for his successor for continuity.

His period of service, even to the likes of Dan Orbih, the Short-Wang-carrying chief, within their conscience, would agree that Oshiomhole has indeed worked for the good of the Edolites.

The present visitations of the opposition aspirants to Oshiomhole’s Edo North is simply to tell his people that they can mis-interpret democracy as a right to do the wrong thing at a given moment- it’s like going to a popular son’s home to provoke his people when they were expecting you to request them to let you know the secrets they included into their son’s outstanding high performance. Instead, you still anger yourself, claiming you were shot at, to assassinate you.

Leo Sobechi is really a soothing essayist, very profound in knitting un-provable claims and stale past happenings.

An African home polygamous father can easily point out one of his numerous sons who has cut the foresighted pattern of a future leader that would carry on after his exit and this is what he is doing in the case of Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

One is realistically being forced to pose the question: Is it binding that a deputy governor must step into the vacant seat of his boss?
Glaring claims that Dr. Odubu has been loyal for the period he has been with Governor Oshiomhole; wasn’t he assigned with a schedule and was this ever tampered with by Governor Oshiomhole to these last moments toward their leaving office?
Financial cut downs even from the federation allocation must affect the internal financial structures of state governments and Edo State is no exemption.

Nigerians have this irritating habit of pretence that a deputy fighting his boss at the tail end of their journey must win because he has been LOYAL from the onset Atiku Abubakar/Olusegun Obasanjo is a case study.
Ironically, Nigerian politicians have a destructive pattern of playing politics amongst themselves by creating excitingly dangerous tales, circle them around themselves and reap the financial gains.

The poisoning scripted issue in Edo State is an interestingly weak one. Were I Governor Oshiomhole, I would have attended Mrs. Odubu’s birthday party and when served, I would have demonstrated that oneness between me and my deputy by giving him my served plate and take his – matter finish. Any reluctance from Dr. Odubu would have established the truth about the poison episode.

Assassination issues are being turned into glove wearing before stepping into the ring. Why can’t the would be assassins dance and sing to a close up and fire at their targets? Gunshots at burial ceremony would pretty soon be chorused as attempts to kill.

I am told elsewhere that there are still native doctors who can prepare the means to disappear from any spot where one is a target, the moment a gun is fired, perhaps the politicians have not heard about this yet.

Back to Leo Sobechi, I am not really bothered by his ephemeral prophecy that Oshiomhole’s end of leaving office is dwindling.

Rather, I would request Leo to come closer to seeing the Comrade’s strategic and progressive plan within his party, the APC in Edo State towards who would take over from him.

Perhaps, Leo hasn’t been able to penetrate the ring around the Edo APC as it is a one strong party, embellished with realistic planners and some weak followers, incapable of being able to catch up with speed things are shaping up.
Crying for a level playing field is another inexplicable foul cry; are there stone pebbles thrown all over the field and who threw them?

Edo Sate in a soothing shape, moulded by Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, to handover to a focused successor, who has been saliently involved in Oshiomhole’s progressive and soothing governance wherein the workers get their salaries paid as when due, which is a VERY defining aspect of catering for the family.
Re-calling past issues that would be of no useful consequence in governance are non-issues. Edo State has been in safe hands.

Oshiomhole has been working and others have been talking.

Abudah, a journalist and founder of Afenmai Heritage & Cultural Studies, wrote in from Benin City, Edo State.