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Repentance: Essential For A Life Of Freedom



Pastor Abiara, General Evangelist CAC Worldwide.

GOD purposed a cordial and intimate relationship between man and Himself. He created man in His image and put him in the Garden of Eden. There, He talked with them, and they fellowshipped together, meditated and reasoned together. Suddenly the relationship was broken and man could not commune with God again. The presence of God could not be felt as before, why? Man had chosen to move in his own will rather than harkening to the voice of God. Even though He had promised them comfort and everlasting covenants, yet He was not pleased with them because of their sin and this made Him turn away from them.

Man’s rebellion brings suffering- Isaiah 1:18; Gen. 3:6; Gen. 6:6-7; Ezeki.2: 3-5; Rom1: 21-32. God had placed man over every creature and gave him dominion over everything He had created. Unfortunately, their disobedience simply opened their eyes to the possibility of evil. When the couple realised that they were naked, the best they could do was to sew fig leaves together and make covering for their nakedness. That is to say, when we try to be wiser than God by doing what we know is contrary to His will; we end up being very foolish and helpless. Among the consequences of man’s rebellion against God were: companionship with God is no longer enjoyed Gen. 3:7-8. Man became a wanderer, the One Who had initiated peace and harmony in their live had become someone to flee from. They were judged, such that brings punishment. God that holds each individual responsible for their own failure, passed judgment on each of them – Gen. 3:16, man’s rebellion brings destruction – Gen. 6:13-17. Unfortunately, man became a slave to the devil, which brought about unfruitful labour (Isaiah 1:30) and unanswered prayers – Isaiah 1:15

However, God’s desire is for His people to be restored and this is revealed in both Old and New Testament. (Isaiah 1:18; Ezekiel 18:29-31; Jere. 32:37-44; Eph.4: 17-24). He wanted them restored and to enjoy His goodness lost through sin.

As God calls, come let us reason together, so also Christ Jesus is beckoning on every individual. He says, “Come, all ye that labour…”He is inviting all to come to repentance, which is the call to return to God. Repentance means to turn away from idolatry, sin, evil, wrongdoings, iniquities and other vices to live for God. Repentance is a prerequisite for a life of freedom and entry to the kingdom of heaven.

Christ’ salvation is for all who believe in Him and the work of Calvary. The process of the new birth begins in heaven, when God’s love for mankind led Him to send His only Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die for the world – Jn. 3:16. Jesus did not come on a mission of condemnation, but on a mission of salvation. You can enter into the experience of the new birth by simply exercising faith, that is by accepting that Jesus had been sent by God to give you the new birth and asking Him to be your Saviour.
Prophet (Dr.) Abiara, General Evangelist, CAC Worldwide.

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