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‘Role of Muslim women in combating coronavirus’


The Al-Mu’minaat Organisation (The Believing Women) has urged women to play a critical role in curtailing the spread of coronavirus pandemic, noting that women face heightened risk of exposure to the virus due to their role in the society.

The National Amirah of Al-Mu’minaat Organisation, Hajia Nimatullah AbdulQuadri, advised women to be closer to their families and loved ones during this trying period.

“This is the time to be close to our children, husband, families, loved ones, and people of close relations. Let us bond with them, tend to their needs, give them our love and affection and fulfill our duties and obligations towards them”.

She urged Muslim women to get close to Allah (SWT) and abide with saying of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“Pandemics and epidemics occurred during the time of the earlier generations, even during the Prophets time. It is from Allah, in order to redirect us towards Him. So let’s do more tawbah and be closer to Allah at this time. Let’s uphold the Sunnah of the Prophets on epidemics by limiting our movement and chant the Dua on epidemics”.


She urged women to step up their role in nurturing their children with western and Islamic education.

“Give your children adequate attention during this period, pay attention to your ibadah and that of your household. Pray together, fast on days of fasting, teach them how to recite Quran and give them spiritual diet as well as some moral talks.

“Tell them your life history and stories in the Quran, so as to learn from it, Teach them personal hygiene, How to take care of themselves as well as their environmental, endeavor to teach them household chores like cooking and arrangement of different part of the home, Organize them to read Islamic books that will enrich their knowledge of Islam”.

She encourage women to boost their family immune system by giving their family balance diet which will help to combat any diseases.
“Make sure you give balance diet which will help their growth and boost their immune system and never allow them to go outside the home and manage whatever provision at home so as not to go out, avoid wastage, ALLAH (SWT) hate wasteful spender and give them fruits rich in vitamins to boost their immune system and feed them more on vegetables”.

She advised women to abide with government directives on Covid-19 in order to protect their families.

“Let your children wash their hands often, it is part of hygiene and Sunnah of the prophet (saw). They should also do their morning and evening adkhar, Make sure they revise their academic work; See to their practice of Sunnah on daily basis.

“Educate them on Islamic personal social interaction, Get to know them better, by engaging in discussion and close observation, address any abnormality in their character in a mature way and teach them to be at peace with their siblings and family members.
Be in cordial relationship with your husbands” she said.


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