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Runners need to move 15% faster on treadmills to burn same number of calories as jogging outdoors


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Runners need to move 15 per cent faster on a treadmill to burn the same number of calories as jogging outdoors, research reveals.

Researchers found running on treadmills significantly reduces the amount of oxygen joggers use, suggesting that less effort is required.

Although the study did not speculate why indoor running is less strenuous, past research suggests joggers are propelled to move faster by treadmills’ moving belts.


They also do not have to contend with steep hills or battle against wind resistance, past research adds.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented a latex fabric that opens ventilation flaps when your body gets hot and closes when it cools.

This allows air to circulate, helping to remove sweat and lower the body’s temperature.

Powering the vents are harmless microbes built into the fabric that contract when they sense heat or sweat.

This powers a tiny mechanism, known as an actuator, which lifts the flap. The reverse process closes the vent when the body cools.

Researchers from Milan University analysed the difference between running outdoors or on a treadmill in 15 physically fit males with an average age of 21.

The participants sprinted for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of recovery for a total of 15 minutes both outdoors and on a treadmill.

Oxygen use and exercise intensity were measured after both types of running.

The findings were published in the journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.

Results revealed that when on a treadmill, runners use significantly lower amounts of oxygen, suggesting less effort is required.

Therefore, runners must move 15 per cent faster on a treadmill to burn the same amount of calories as exercising outdoors, the study stated.

The study authors wrote: “A 15 per cent increase in running velocity during a high intermittent intensity treadmill training session is the optimal solution to reach the same physiological responses [as] an outdoor training session.”

Although the study did not speculate why treadmill running appears to be less strenuous, previous research suggests the moving belt of a treadmill propels joggers forward, causing them to move faster.

Exercising indoors also means gym-goers do not have to contend with steep hills or wind resistance.


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