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Neimeth, NHF partner to fight hypertension

By Paul Adunwoke
14 May 2015   |   4:29 am
Nigerian drug firms, Neimeth International Pharmaceutical Plc and Carlisle Healthcare Limited have partnered Nigeria Heart Foundation (NHF) to fight hypertension by making hypertensive drugs available and affordable for patients.

NeimethNigerian drug firms, Neimeth International Pharmaceutical Plc and Carlisle Healthcare Limited have partnered Nigeria Heart Foundation (NHF) to fight hypertension by making hypertensive drugs available and affordable for patients.

Dubbed the ‘Tripartite Partnership’, they noted that this would go a long way in curbing the increase in hypertension, by providing free mass screenings for hypertension; provide health educations as well as making drugs available and affordable for Nigerians both in urban and rural areas.

This they said would target would market women, workers, and prisoners among other important people in the society. Meanwhile, the group discloses that statistics shows that a lot of Nigerians are living with high blood pressure, as health experts presumed that in three persons screened, one person must be hypertensive.

Briefing Newsmen in Ikeja, Lagos, to commemorate World Hypertension Day, the Executive Director of Nigeria Heart Foundation (NHF), Dr. Kingsly Akinroye, said that the partnership would help to draw the attention of the Nigeria government that one or more known lifestyle-driven factors are rising high in many parts of the country, which include blood pressure, obesity, tobacco consumption, excessive intake of salt and urban lifestyle where people eat more of junk foods.

He informed that over the years, the Nigerian Heart Foundation and Neimeth International Pharmaceutical Plc, have remained great partners in the fight against the hypertension disease, which around the globe in 2010 cost a lot of money to carry out the programme.

He said: “It is hoped that our coming together will accord it greater recognition and bring it to the front burner of both the Federal, State governments and Health Ministries to make policies that would help to reduce hypertension in Nigeria.

“The Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer, Neimeth International Pharmaceutical Plc, Phar. Emmanuel Ekunno, said that his company is organizing free screening for hypertension for people of the community where it operates as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to ensure that hypertension is reduced among Nigerians. Ekunno stated the risk of hypertension would be reduced if people can reduce high rate of alcoholic intake, stop smoking, eat right, and eat enough fruits and vegetables.

He said: “We have been fighting hypertension for over 34 years with all our resources and we will continue to fight until Nigeria is hypertension free.

It is very important that people should check their blood pressure and see their doctors regularly for prescriptions, and they should make sure they finish the medications prescribed for them.”

He called for more awareness creation among Nigerians stating that it is very important because it would help people to know the consequences and stay aware from the ailment.

The Chief Executive Officer, Carlisle Healthcare Limited, Mrs. Shade Animashaun, who presented one of her hypertensive drugs in the programme called Microlife said that her drug is available in pharmacies.

She disclosed that she has been into community pharmacy for 25 years, adding that she needs more partnerships in order to create more awareness for hypertension.

She said: “I have community outreach programme called ‘Team Up for Health’, which is an initiative of Carlisle Healthcare Limited established to create awareness, build a team of health advocates at community level for hypertension and other chronic diseases.

I discover that Nigerians do not like to see doctors until they are at the point of death. Nigerians should learn to visit hospitals even when there is no complain for medical check up.

We have habit of continuing to manage an illness on our own. In developed countries, they create time to go for medical check up. Let us cultivate the habit of going for medical check up at least once in a year.

We need to check our blood sugar and blood pressure level.” The NHF, an affiliate of the World Heart Federation, Geneva, is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization concerned with the promotion of health and socio-economic well-being of Nigerians especially in the area of heart diseases.

NHF was inaugurated in July 1992. All NHF’s activities and programmes are geared towards achieving three goals:Prevention of heart diseases, Promotion and support of research on cardiovascular disease, Public enlightenment on prevention of heart diseases and promotion of heart health.