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Secrets to make more money by imagining more and thinking less


The road to consistent peak performance is using your mind right, using the tool of your imagination to influence the sales process. Your life is already being influenced and controlled directly by your thoughts so this isn’t anything new. The only issue is, you need to take back control of your life by intentionally taking control of your thought life.

Moving From Limited To Unlimited Thoughts
Based on the title, ‘making more money by imagining more and thinking less,’ it gives you an idea of what the solution is. Thinking only gets you so far; when you think you draw from what already exists in you both in your conscious and subconscious mind but you must progress from just shallow thinking to imagination. Albert Einsten said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge;” for a man who was a Nobel laureate and winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, he definitely knew what he was talking about because he had the results. Imagination is about creating with unlimited fabric (thoughts); it is about reaching to attain something that has not existed that you want to see; it is about bringing something new on the scene.

Ten Steps To Using Your Imagination Effectively:
At a time when it seems the buying desire of clients could be low, it could only seem that way because of the way you think. To win more clients then make more money in a recession, you must see differently. You need to see abundance; you need to use your imagination in a wild way like a child would. The rule is to set no limits to your imagination. Here are ten steps to using your imagination effectively.


1) Schedule a time for imagining: Make it when you wake up in the morning or at least early hours of the morning after drinking some water. It doesn’t have to be so long but make it intense. Engaging in this exercise after a hectic day may not be too effective because of fatigue.

2) Give it priority: You will always have time for things that are important to you. So, look for a quiet place to avoid distractions.

3) Keep a pen and notepad close: Imagination jigs your subconscious so great thoughts will pop up from time to time. If you don’t write them down they will be forgotten.

Iyore Ogbuigwe is a sales coach.

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