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Seven behaviour successful people adopt from eagles

By Lanre Olusola
02 November 2017   |   3:45 am
There are many things we can learn from nature, but most times, we tend not to pay attention to what we can learn from nature. One unique creature that successful people learn from is the eagle.

There are many things we can learn from nature, but most times, we tend not to pay attention to what we can learn from nature. One unique creature that successful people learn from is the eagle.

There are many things we can learn from nature, but most times, we tend not to pay attention to what we can learn from nature. One unique creature that successful people learn from is the eagle. If you apply the behaviour of the eagle to your lifestyle, you will surely walk the path of success.

1. Eagles fly alone:
Eagles separate themselves from other flying birds, they don’t move around with other species of bird. Their identity is clear, they fly alone and at a very high altitude.

In relation to humans, identity is key. Be clear about your identity and what you stand for. You need to know and understand yourself and be mindful of the kind of company you keep. He who works with the wise shall be wise and a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Show me your friends and companies and I will predict your future. You need to have a brand differentiation and a good brand differentiation results to a good reputation and ultimately delivers success.

2. Eagles have vision.
Eagles have the ability to see far. They have power of focus, foresight, clarity of vision. The eagle can see objects as far as 5 kilometres away, no matter what the obstacles are, the eagle will not lose sight but will keep its focus on its prey. It stays focus on its goal and remains tenacious until it grabs its prey or achieves its goal.

In the world today, a lot of things can be tagged as a distraction. Nonetheless, to be successful in today’s world it is imperative to remain dogged and tenacious so be able to achieve your goal. You need to have a vision and a focus in order to be successful.

3. Eagles don’t eat dead food.
Eagles feed on fresh prey every day. Many people constantly boast about their past achievement. Some people keep depending or living on their past achievement for they fear that they may not achieve as much in the future. The day that your “yesterday” consistently becomes more glorious and in your eyes, more successful than your “today” and “tomorrow”, you have entered the age of extinction; you have started to die. Like the eagle, do not rely on your past success. Do not leave in the yesterday, live in the present.

4. Eagles love the storm
When the clouds gather, that is when the eagle gets most excited. The eagle uses the storm’s wind to lift itself higher. The eagle soars higher in the midst of the storm; and also at that moment, all other birds go into a hiding place.

A lot of people do not like challenges; a lot of people do not have the skills to be able to function when there are difficulties. To succeed in life, you have to face your fears, challenges and problems. You got to display the highest level of boldness and courage, knowing that these are the qualities that will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. Like the eagle, use the storms of your life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, instead achievers use their challenges to turn their lives into fulfilling and profitable lives.

5. Eagles assess their partners:
When a male eagle decides to mate with a female eagle, the female eagle assesses the commitment, dedication, skill and stamina of the male eagle by repeatedly dropping a twig from a high altitude for the male eagle to catch before the twig gets to the ground. If the male eagle catches the twig anytime the female eagle throws it, it is only then the female eagle will allow that male eagle mate with her; and if the male eagle is unable to get the twig before it gets to the ground, it loses its chance of mating with the female eagle.

Whether in your private or business life, you must always test the level of commitment and dedication of people you intend to go into a relationship or partnership with. Good relationships are built on sacrifice, hard work, consistency and dedication to each other. In business, find partners or associates that complement you; whose strength are in the areas of your weakness, so that when you come together, it will be a perfect partnership.

6. The eagles shed its old feathers.
When the eagle starts feeling weak and believes it’s about to die, it retires to a place and plucks out every feather on its body until it is completely bare. The eagle either dies that way or grows new feathers. If the eagle grows new feathers, it has created for itself a second chance.

As a human, you must occasionally shed your old habits and your old way of thinking. You must release yourself of your burden so you can add value to your life and to other people. To succeed in life, if your beliefs, values and environment don’t serve you, you need to change them and create new ones. For you to create a new and successful tomorrow, you must let go of your past.

7. The eagle takes advantage of the weakness of its enemy.
When an eagle engages in a battle with a prey such as the snake, the eagle knows that its space of power is the high altitude. The eagle does not stay on the ground to fight its battle because the ground is the space of power of the snake; therefore, it changes the battle ground. The eagle picks up the snake from the ground, takes it to the sky and releases it from the sky. The eagle knows that the snake cannot fly, so before the snake gets to the ground, it picks the snake up again and drops it from a higher altitude. This process is done repeatedly by the eagle. The higher the snake is being dropped from the sky, the thinner the air becomes for the snake and the snake begins to suffocate, lose stamina, lose consciousness and eventually die.

Successful people take advantage of their competitor’s weakness and use it for their own benefit. To be successful, you need to be very observant about what your competitors are not doing well and use it to your own advantage in order to compete healthily and strive in your space of power.

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