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Seven powerful criteria that guarantee successful sale


Lanre Olusola

It is a popular opinion in Nigeria that the sales job is not considered to be an envious profession and sales personnel are often underrated. The sales job is highly professional and requires certain expertise to be very successful at it. Everyone, directly or indirectly is a sales person.

We sell products, services or ourselves because we believe we have a value to offer to someone. A lot of people do not know how to sell themselves because they have no value to provide and the reason they have no value to provide is because they haven’t discovered who they are, their purpose of existence and what solution they are born to provide.

If you are selling just for money, then you will always have a problem in approaching certain people at certain times but if your aim is to add value, the fear of approaching certain people will be eliminated because you are confident about the kind of value you will offer to such people.


The major things that kill the drive of sales people are the lack of self esteem, confidence and belief. Sales is very emotional; when you achieve your sales goals, you are happy, you gain more self confidence, you have a good self esteem but when your sales goals are not achieved, it leads to self doubt, depression and low self esteem.

The only way to consistently feel confident, maintain a high self esteem and have positive emotions despite challenges with sales is by knowing what value you are bringing. When you know you have something of value, you are therefore always empowered to embrace whatever your sales outcomes are. The secret cocktail to Sales excellence and performance is a healthy self esteem, confidence and self belief, and all of these create a great sense of self-worth. If you feel worthless, your confidence will drop. If you feel you have great self-worth, your confidence will keep on rising; and this is very critical in selling.

1. Knowledge: Have an in-depth knowledge of your products or services as well as its benefits and value. Study your competitors and what they are doing. It is not just about understanding your products and services; you also need to understand your target market as well as the behaviour of the person you are selling to. Nevertheless, the key to consistent success in sales is knowing the value you are adding.

2. Appearance: You need to have an identity. People judge you by your appearance before they listen to what you have to say. The truth is – they may never listen to what you have to say after they have already formed a perception based on your appearance. 93% of communication is non-verbal; it is your appearance and body language, leaving 7% to your dialogue. You have to ‘package’ yourself and your product or service in a way that appeals to your target audience even before a verbal communication occurs. People don’t resist the product; they resist the sales person.

3. Communication Skills: Develop your communications skills. Listening is a key element of sales. The greatest skill of a sales person is not talking; it is listening. The worst sales person only talks too much. There is a reason you have two ears and a mouth because you are meant to listen twice as much as you speak. You need to listen and understand the personality, dynamics, and the behavioural pattern of your customer. You need to know how your customer makes decisions. Always endeavour to get into the “zone” of the person you are selling to.

4. Relationship Building: Think more of a long lasting relationship rather than a quick sale. Empower yourself to build a good rapport rather than just focusing on selling alone. A good rapport could influence your client to patronise you and promote customer loyalty to your brand.

5. Presentation Skills: It is not about a having a potential client’s contact; the important thing is about knowing what to say, the presentation and the value you intend to present. Also, if you want to relate with certain kind of people, you have to “speak their language” understand their personality, how they act and how they relate because it helps in the easy flow of presentation and communication.

6. Negotiation Skills: Negotiate intelligently. Do not be intimidated by your client neither should you allow your emotions influence your bargain. Negotiate based on the financial value of what you are offering and be confident about it.


7. Mastering the Psychology of Sales: You are “gone” or you are “done” in 60 seconds. This implies that you only have 60 seconds to create the right impression, to connect with your customers and engage them. Successful sale constitutes of emotional intelligence and one’s psychology. Research has proven that 85% of sales success is dependent on how emotionally intelligent you are; and not your knowledge of your product, how smart you are or your level of Intelligent Quotient (IQ).

The best sales personnel are magnificent thinkers. They are able to understand why you think and act the way you do and this is simply because they have studied you. The richest people in the world are sales people; if they were not able to sell the value of what they are offering, they won’t be where they are today.

Your greatest competitor is not your competitor in the industry; the greatest competitor is you competitor inside – your mind. What do you consistently feed your mind with; is it fear or is it faith and belief in yourself? The one you consistently feed your mind with is the most dominant and strongest; it influences your behaviour and your outcomes.

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