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Seven Tips For Making Perfect BBQ Every Time

BBQ Chicken

Lately I have been obsessed with Barbecued Chicken and all things grilled.

There’s a reason why great BBQ’s are cherished and that is because it can be tough to get it right, especially if you are a novice.

To ensure you make perfect BBQ every time, here are some tips that will come in handy.


Lid on

The best way to grill food is with the lid on.

If the food is not covered, a lot of heat will be lost, the food will get dry and it takes even longer to cook which can be exasperating.

To get the right taste and enjoy grilled meat you want it to be tender and moist. If you are using a grill that has no lid, fret not.

You can get a disposable foil pan and place it upside down to cover the food. Problem solved.

Right temperature

Grilling at the right temperature is very important.


If it is too hot the meat will most likely burn on the outside and barely cook on the inside.

Just before you start grilling, pre-heat the grill at least 15 minutes prior.

This is very important so that it can kill off any bacteria that are on the grill.

Ideally, the grill should be set at 400-500 degree Fahrenheit for high grilling, between 350-400 degree Fahrenheit for medium high grilling; 250-300 degree Fahrenheit for medium grilling; and between 250-300 degree Fahrenheit for low heat grilling.

Cross contamination

Grilling mostly involves handling meat and raw chicken and there is a very high possibility of cross contamination if one is not careful.

Here are some steps to take to avoid cross contamination and food poisoning: Wash every item used to handle raw meat once it’s on the grill.

Use separate cutting boards and utensils for raw and cooked food.


Marinade that raw meat has come in contact with should be disposed and not be used for basting- make a new sauce or separate them at the before marinating.

Keep food refrigerated while marinating. Always wash your hands.

Watch your heat

Try to keep a keen eye on your meat so that it does not get burnt, too dry or over cooked. Get a recipe and follow the grilling instructions.

Try to avoid the mistake of over cooking – once meat is over cooked it gets tough and it is hard to enjoy, it is also difficult to fix.

However, undercooked meat can always be grilled to perfection.

One tip is always take the meat off the heat just before it gets done and place it on the part of the grill with the lowest amount of heat.

Meat portions play a huge role in determining how fast it can cook.


If you’re time conscious, it is best to grill smaller cuts of meat as they don’t take too long to get done.

Prep the grill

It is important to keep a clean grill and a hot grill is easier to clean.

You can use a fork or rub half an onion on the hot grill to loosen the grime.

Before grilling, scrub the grill grate with a wire brush to make sure it’s clean and you will get clear grill marks on your meat – always looks great.

One problem faced by novice grillers is having the food stick to the grill.

This has ruined many BBQ’s. To prevent sticking, brush the grill grate with oil.


Prep the meat

If the meat is in the fridge, take it out at least 20 minutes before grilling and allow it to stay at room temperature because cold meat will not cook evenly.

You can choose different types of marinade for your meat from wet rubs to dry rubs; they produce different results and infuse flavor into your meat.

One great way to get more flavour is by glazing your meat.

If you intend to glaze with a sauce, leave it till the final minute because most sauces contain sugar and will burn if you use it before the meat is cooked.

When it comes to what kind of oil to use for grilling, it is best to use oil with high smoking point like Vegetable Oil or Canola oil.

Allow meat rest

This is a final tip that should be taken seriously.

Sometimes everything is perfect with your meat except the fact that it has not rested after grilling.

Allow 10 minutes at least for it to rest, the gives the meat time to redistribute the juices within itself, which results in very delicious barbeque.

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