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Silent power of the woman


A great many must have been wondering, publicly or in their closets: Whither our world. A woman columnist on the London Daily Mirror, musing on the development around her in the United Kingdom, said she could see a situation mention of whether a baby is a boy or a girl on birth certificates would soon be a thing of the past. Saisa Khan wrote: “Now, there is a small group of radicals calling for gender neutral birth certificate and saying we must do away with gender role altogether. As a caring individual, I am sympathetic to those who truly cannot relate to one gender and I would not want to offend anyone. But I do not want to be dictated to or to feel bad about calling myself or my children male or female. I am happy being a woman and my kids are happy being a boy or a girl. It works for us. Institutions run by people desperate to appear politically correct and trendy just cause issues for the majority.”

Saisa Khan was writing in criticism of Transport of London that abolished addressing Tube passengers “Ladies and Gentlemen”; the salutation now is “Good morning, everyone.” The company claimed the old form recognised only two genders, but now there is a third gender. The issue of transgender is taking the front burner in Europe and America, an issue escalating after Mr. Donald Trump announced his decision to ban transgender people from the US military service. There are 15,000 of them in the military and 700,000 in the larger population of Americans who have come out publicly to admit that they are transgender. Gay, lesbianism, bisexualism and similar sexual alignment: How did they arise? From observable trends it ought to be stated from the onset that it will be a phenomenon that will gather increasing membership in the times in which we live and in the foreseeable future.

Understanding the phenomenon will require that we seek enlightenment on how some human beings were created male and others female and what roles were assigned to each party as well as whether these roles are interchangeable. From reported cases of the transgender reassignment it would appear more men have transited to being women. It may be argued that it must be easier to reassign sexual organs of a man than those of a woman so she can become a man, except perhaps in cases of bisexuals that some describe as multiple genders. Be that as it may, it is instructive that in the majority of cases so far it is men who have elected to be made females to bring outward manifestation to correspond with how they say they feel and are urged from inside them.

From the enlightenment spreading across the world in these times and in this Age, we have come to know that a man is a man by the nature of his activities and likewise the woman. In other words, a human being’s gender is determined by the nature of his or her activity. We are all spirits without exception. A human being’s gender is determined by the nature of what the spirit determines would be his or her activity. With that singular resolve either party takes on the shape to enable him or her to discharge the path it has chosen. So is it that for the woman, what we may call her job description for want of a better illustration, she has taken on the spiritual leadership and the concomitant key to human spiritual development. Her activity requires that she sets the standard, draws up values and sets high tones for the society. She is to create peace and harmony among human beings. She has taken on these high tasks by virtue of her spiritual make-up which contains a part of higher spiritual essence which is lacking in men.

The make-up prepares her to be closer to Nature through being in a situation that she is a firm link and channel for flow of radiations and influences from higher and purer realms, influences from Paradise, the permanent Home Above of spiritually mature and liberated human beings. She is thus blessed with richer intuitive and perceptive faculties to sense the Will of God at all times and in every situation and to guide. She is put in a position to more readily distinguish between right and wrong, evil and good. She is to contribute to the peace and harmony of the world through sensitizing mankind as to what is good and what is unwholesome. Inherent in the make-up is a keen sense of orderliness, propriety and beauty. Because she cannot stand ugliness she picks the man’s socks or tie or even jacket carelessly thrown everywhere to be put in their proper compartments. In fact, it is from her that the man the following day would ask where his socks are, and where his ties and shoes are.

Through her inner beauty and outward charm, the tools at her disposal for ennoblement, the woman is to hold the man to influence him to turn his gaze unremittingly and constantly upwards. Through her silent and gentle disposition, she is to bring her abilities to engender peace and refinement consistent with her quiet nature. She is not supposed to be aggressive. But in place of her gentle working, ennobling man and the environment and spiritualizing the world what the world has been witnessing is that her attributes are intentionally exploited to seduce and for material pursuits, seeking public acknowledgement to cap her misplaced roles. The woman is to make the home homely, a refuge for peace, for repose and rejuvenation, and to inspire such that the man steps out, reinvigorated, and wanting to conquer the world and hit the high heavens. In the home, she is the queen and at work, she is to make everyone feel at home and at peace. Such are the gifts and power with which woman is endowed. Charles De Gaulle’s wife sensing the place of women was reported to have said to her husband: “Charles, you rule France, and I rule this house, including you!” (The book, Building Future Societies by Dr. Stephen Lampe, P.185).

As a demonstration of the intuitive capacity of the woman, she is always the first to know of impending developments or calamities. Many men would say they have been saved by their wives from plane crashes because their wives felt uneasy about their flights and from other kinds of accidents or untoward development in their places of employment. Have we forgotten the great role Pilate’s wife played in the attempt to save the Lord Christ from the howling mob and high priests who wanted Him crucified? She told her husband: “Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.” In the days of old long before the drums of war began to sound, women would have been advised in advance of an upcoming calamity, and the first thing they were wont doing was to begin to buy up and store salt.

In brief, all that is being said is that the woman stands half a step higher than man. Being able to draw guidance readily she is to decide while the man to execute. So crucial is the role of the woman in the recognition of the Yorubas that in every major town or city, there is a woman member of the Oba-in-council called Iyalode. She is to carry out her roles unobtrusively, not seeking attention. It is the place of man to jump down from the roof; it is the woman who tends and nourishes. However, for several decades, women have been confused about their roles and have moved away from them, dismissing even any talk of these as patronizing and condescending. They rejected – and it is even more so today – their assigned roles and began to ape men, even seeking to excel him in his sphere of activities. What then have become the consequences? It has been great harm to the world and unmitigated ruin to themselves. The world began to witness aberrant behaviour the consequences of which perplexed everyone and still does (until the advent of higher knowledge now available on earth).

The consequences manifest themselves in the emergence of homosexuality, transgender phenomenon, lesbianism, bisexuality and being gay. These are all traits of soul distortion the journey of which began dating back to former earth lives. A woman distorts her soul when she switches her place to emulate men in their professions and activities including indulging in men’s dresses and bobbed hair style. The world hails women who drive trains, fly airplanes, women who are experts in pugilism. Millions gather with mouths agape and admiration watching women running marathons; we pay to watch women who are wrestlers and footballers. Public holidays are declared when then they win medals. There is procession of joy. There is singing and dancing. Government shares out land to encourage other women to come out and do likewise, bring glory and adoration to the land. It must be a foolish man that would suggest to a woman not to wear trousers or smoke. He would be laughed to scorn.

However, twist or turn we all may, the mechanisms of life do not pay heed to human opinions, their preferences or neglect. In masculine activities a woman steels herself, and with time refinements which are the attributes of genuine womanhood are repressed until they ultimately wither and drop off her. The change in the physical body may not be apparent when she begins to emulate men and hanker after masculine activities. However, in subsequent re-embodiments, called reincarnation, the body becomes fashioned after the distorted soul’s desire to become a man because the form and density must always correspond with activity. This is why a transgender person would tell you his body does not belong to him. When there is misalignment he senses he is not what is manifested outwardly. He becomes agitated and restless. He feels not understood. There is a constant struggle with and within himself. Worst in the experiencing is that he is not welcome in the circle of men for reasons he cannot explain. He feels low in self-esteem, and struggles harder to please in order to be approved and feel welcome. His relationship with women does not also endure. Some go as far as committing suicide out of desperation. A man similarly takes on a woman’s body in subsequent re-embodiments in fulfillment of his desire in previous earth sojourns expressed in the emulation of women in their characteristics and activities—wearing ear rings, for example.

The case of homosexuality arises when the distortion of a female soul is complete, manifesting as a man while he is in fact deep down her a woman, and the distortion of a male soul had gone far, although not yet in the degree as to manifest in a woman’s body. When both meet, even though they may have come from different ends of town, or even of the country, or of the earth, they are strongly attracted to each other. So, the society begins to talk about gay marriage and frowns on it. The churches would have nothing of it. Governments, a great many others cannot reconcile themselves with it. Where the gay men or homosexuals are many in a country as is the case in many countries of Europe and America today which have surrendered to permissiveness, they begin to clamour for gay rights, the rights of homosexuals, transgender rights, rights of lesbians—completely ignorant of how they came to where they are, and unaware that they are in need of great help which can be found only in knowledge—knowledge of the true correlations of life, of the mechanisms that govern life and existence.

As a man nourishes the idea of being a woman his desire takes on form in the finer realm. The executive servants of the Creator, variously called Nature Beings, Elemental Beings, and Animistic Beings, but often mistaken for angels, faithfully weave the threads arising from the tone of the desire or intuitive volition to the form corresponding to the nature and meaning of his desire. Since the desire is to become a woman, a female body is lawfully fashioned for him corresponding to the degree of the distortion that has taken place in the soul. When the distortion is complete, the soul appears a fully dressed female body.

It is one of the causes of childlessness in some women as men are never known to carry babies. Indeed ‘she’ is also drawn to a woman, but fully dressed, in a ‘disguised,’ so to say, male body! Another cause of childlessness in some women could be the over cultivation of their frontal brain at the expense of the hind brain. The over cultivation disarranges the hormonal orchestra such that the chemical content of the hormone secreted from the frontal brain to lubricate pregnancy is rendered light and ineffectual. The result is miscarriages, one after the other. The implication for the society that encourages such aberrant development of recklessly assailing gender integrity is that it is marked down for extinction in the long run.

Therefore, the liberation of women does not ultimately lie in an affirmative action, but in the discharge of their lofty tasks. It is in performing their natural role of spiritual leadership. In their office, in genuine woman’s office, every man must bow no matter who he may be. Have we not all experienced it that when a genuine woman enters a gathering, heads turn in her direction, men begin to adjust their ties, their jackets? Those in the traditional attire begin to adjust their caps wanting to be correct. They sit up, inexplicably not wishing to be caught wanting. By whom? They don’t even know. It is the silent power of the woman.

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