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Sorella releases three singles in anticipation of new album


Entrepreneur turned DJ, Anthony Sorella has released three singles in anticipation of New album.

Sorella’s music is meant to be turned on when the clubbing is over, and the energy starts to unwind. While the tracks are not meant to tear down the club, they are not going to put you to sleep either.

Sorella’s most recent release, Theory, is a single that fully encompasses what he is aiming to create. Theory features a charming electronic harpsichord sound which is built upon by classic drums and 808s. Along with its adjacent releases, Theory fits as the perfect nightcap for an “afterhours rock star.”

The standout of the releases, What If…?, is a perfect example of what Sorella is aiming to accomplish. With a beat built upon keys and an electronic woodwind sound, What If…? is the track to put on to keep the energy steady after a full night of going out.


With Canyons, Sorella continues to build upon the sound he established with his previous two singles. Opening with synthesized keys and a humming vocal sample, Canyons increases with excellent drum programming and turns into the perfect late-night wind down track. [Canyons is] something you can listen to that isn’t totally hyped but doesn’t end the party even when the club is closed,” shares Sorella.

Now with three singles already released, Sorella is looking to the music he has prepared for 2021. Set for release on New Year’s Day, Sorella’s debut album, ‘Party Don’t Stop’, will further the narrative that Anthony Sorella should be taken seriously as an artist. With its aptly planned release date, Sorella’s debut full-length project will be playing on speakers worldwide in the early hours of the new year.

To keep up with Anthony Sorella and his releases, follow him on his Instagram.


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