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Special focus on Exceptional Universities in Ghana

By Guardian Nigeria
04 October 2022   |   6:30 am
Knutsford University College, Ghana; The Ideal University For Nigerians In Search Of The Academic Golden Fleece For a long time, tertiary institutions in Nigeria have been grappling with keeping faith in their academic mandates. The reason behind this unfortunate reality includes; numerous industrial actions by various academic unions which end up disrupting and prolonging the…

Knutsford University College

Knutsford University College, Ghana; The Ideal University For Nigerians In Search Of The Academic Golden Fleece

For a long time, tertiary institutions in Nigeria have been grappling with keeping faith in their academic mandates. The reason behind this unfortunate reality includes; numerous industrial actions by various academic unions which end up disrupting and prolonging the academic calendar, overpopulation of students which results in high student-teacher ratio, lack of conducive study environment and a dearth of basic infrastructures like electricity and water, to mention but a few. These challenges have resulted in a protracted strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

In order to bequeath quality education to their children in good time, most parents now opt for tertiary institutions outside the country and The Republic of Ghana has become the place to go. 

In this special report by Fatai Tijani-Alabi, The Guardian is beaming its focus on Exceptional Universities in Ghana starting with Knutsford University College….

A center of Excellence for Professional and Entrepreneurship skills

A large number of African Students travel to Europe and other parts of the world to pursue higher education. This is because many of the institutions in Africa do not have the structures to meet the high demands. For example, about 70 percent of students in Ghana were unable to get access into the tertiary system during the time Knutsford University College was established. Therefore, Knutsford was instituted to increase and also provide access to quality and affordable university education to Ghanaians, Africans and other students across the globe. 

Secondly, the high unemployment rate in Ghana, Africa and other parts of the world became an issue of great concern hence the establishment of Knutsford with the aim of training scholars who also have entrepreneurship and professional skills to create jobs of their own, and thereby reduce the global unemployment rate.

Knutsford University College (Knutsford) is a private tertiary institution established in 2007 with the aim of producing distinguished and cultured scholars, who are also professionals, entrepreneurs and purpose driven-leaders to enrich the world with ethical minds and productive practices. 

In 2008, Knutsford University College was accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB), now Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) of the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Ghana to begin it operations. In 2011 Knutsford University College, got affiliation from the nation’s premier University, the University of Ghana (UG), and has since been under UG’s mentorship and supervision; Knutsford graduates are awarded University of Ghana degrees. In 2017, Knutsford University College secured another academic affiliation with the University for Development Studies to award Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication and Media Studies to its students.

With the impressive academic facilities, innovative life-changing programmes, dedicated staff, good governance, management structures and a conducive learning environment, Knutsford University  College which started with a student population of 25 in 2008 has grown by thousands and has graduated over 1000 students in Ghana, Africa and other parts of the world. The University College has also established a second campus in the Ashanti Region of Ghana (Kumasi at Bomso), about 25-minute drive away from the regional international airport.  

Knutsford University College recognizes the need for a holistic education, where students and graduates will acquire more than academic education and mastery of technical subjects, but would have a more positive attitude, not only toward themselves but also toward the world, their neighbours and the possibilities ahead.

In view of that, Knutsford’s curricular has been structured and designed to equip students with technical, vocational and other career tools to develop their capacities. The programmes are also fashioned in a liberal study form, incorporated with industry perspectives encompassing many fields that affect and impact positively on the vision, attitude, creativity, balance and excellence in all facets of life. The need for assisting, guiding, and inspiring students to be great leaders in their respective communities is central to the core objectives of Knutsford University College, and, this is embedded in the curricular of its programmes.

Knutsford, therefore, envisions becoming a tertiary institution of excellence in Africa, producing some of the best distinguished and cultured scholars who are also professionals, entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leaders to enrich the world with ethical minds and productive practices.  

A University With Landmark Achievements

In its short period of existence, Knutsford has developed a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Knutsford currently runs eight Bachelors Programmes which include BSc Nursing, BSc Computer Science, BSc Information Technology, BSc Communication and Media Studies, BSc Accounting, BSc Finance, BSc Human Resource Management and BSc Marketing.

Knutsford is also running Post Graduate Programmes in MBA Accounting, MBA Finance, MBA Marketing and MBA Human Resource Management. The University College will soon run Doctoral Degrees (PhD) and other programmes with its partner institutions.

The University College has also churned out over One thousand (1000) seasoned scholarly professionals who are excelling in different fields of work, with some currently working with Ghana’s leading companies, and other multinational companies across the globe. Others are running their own created businesses while others are pursuing graduate studies in very reputable institutions.

Due to Knutsford’s quality education, unique training and teaching pedagogies, the University College has adjudged the University of the year in 2021 and also received the Global Excellence Award in Education that same year in Dubai.

Knutsford’s  Recipe For Improving The Standard Of Education 

As a stakeholder in the education sector, we believe the recipe for improving the standard of Education is to review our educational philosophy, content and strategy. We must embrace an integrated educational philosophy flexible enough to accommodate the ever-increasing changing needs of society, and industry in this complex world. We must offer education that gives students both theoretical enlightenments backed with practical experience, rather than just bookish concentration. Having an integrated system will equip students with both academic and hands-on training to build their capacities as critical thinkers and professional experts.

Secondly, we also believe we must design flexible and innovative curricular that can accommodate and address global issues, technology issues and moral issues. 

Thirdly, there is a need for institutions to collaborate and have strong relationships with industry and civil society to help with curriculum development to bridge the industry and education gap. Academic research and growth must remain key to the development of our planet. When this is achieved, the world will then become a better place.

As a role model in the education sector, we would like to encourage and implore upcoming academics to be innovative, develop entrepreneurial skills, and ethical minds and also engage in productive practices in their various fields of endeavours. 

Secondly, having been in the education sector for over a decade, we believe it is important for upcoming Academics to be dynamic and flexible in their philosophies and also embrace new technologies and ideas that seek to address the challenges that affect society and the world at large.  

Thirdly, we would advise upcoming academics to develop a practical-oriented curriculum that speaks to the needs and holistic development of the learner and also adopt innovative ways of teaching in order to churn out the next generation of the world’s human capital.

The Knutsford University College Legacy

We want Knutsford to be the Royal University of Africa where students are well-educated and integrated into the global community, demonstrating a high level of scholarship, professionalism, solid ethical standards and godly characters.