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Spoken, written words frame your world


Lanre Olusola

One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you cannot give expressions to

The secret to framing and sustaining one’s destiny is captured in his or her WORDS; this is because your words frame your world. The universe as we see it today was framed by words and everything on earth was created by words. Talking about words framing your world cannot be fully harnessed without going into the bible; God is Word and the Word is God. “In the beginning was the world and the world was with God and the Word was God”. Words create life and words bring death, it is also written that the power of life and death lies in the tongue.

Our words create our daily experiences because there is power in your words. Always watch your thoughts, they become your imagination, thoughts form images, these images become words, your words becomes conviction, your conviction becomes your emotions, your emotions becomes your actions, your actions becomes your habit, your habit becomes character and finally your character becomes your destiny. People are affected and even infected by words. The nature of our words, imaginations, thoughts, emotions and actions greatly influence our destiny and our lives. Everything originates from a person’s thoughts, and your thought is presented in the physical by your words; therefore one can see words as THE TOOL FOR CREATION.

A word is a password to a person’s thoughts and imagination; it gives the physical expressions of the inner dynamics. Without words, thoughts and imaginations can never truly exist in the physical. All that we are is as a result of what we have thought, and our mind is everything because that which we think, we become, and the process of becoming has to go through thoughts, imaginations, words, convictions, emotions and actions before their birth. As a result, it is very important for human beings to think twice before they speak because every word influences everything that occurs in a person’s life; if a person thinks, imagines and speaks negatively, he/she will create negative experiences in your life, and if you think, imagine and speak positively, you will create positive experiences in your life. Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, and kindness in giving creates love.

Words are also actions and actions are a kind of words. It is important to recognize the impact and importance of words. We are what we think, imagine and say, because it is written -‘as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. If we can realize how powerful our thoughts, imaginations and words are, we will never think in a negative way, speak a negative word or sustain a negative imagination. The mind of a man can be known through his words revealed – from his heart.
Affirmations teach you how to speak to yourself, how to speak to other people and into the universe. The only way to change your experiences in life is to reverse your thoughts and words, track your words and thoughts and flip them into positive empowering words and imagination.

Words have the password into your soul and into your spirit i.e. the essence of your existence cannot stop the penetrative effect of words that are written, words that are read, words that are spoken and words that are infused with music.

As a person, if you subject yourself to the wrong words, you will be affected. A lot of people have been killed with words of mouth. Be careful not to play with spoken words, written words and words with vibration because they can invade your soul and your spirit.

Faith comes by hearing. The story of the woman with the issue of blood is a wonderful illustration of the power of words – she spoke to herself that if only she can touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she will be healed and she took action based on the words she spoke. Faith comes by hearing even if it comes from your own mouth because your ear will hear the words of your mouth when you speak. Words are vibration and it is the frequency of vibration that transmits words.

In order to experience the right things in your life, change your thoughts, imagination and words, and to achieve this, there is need to reverse your process of thinking, imagination and spoken words. The words of Affirmation, that is spoken words, can change a person’s destiny for good.

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