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Stem-cell jab, drinking water could cure erectile dysfunction


Scientists believe they have discovered a new stem-cell sex treatment that will consign Viagra to history and cure men of erectile dysfunction.

They found in recent trials that injecting 20m stem cells into the base of the penis could reinvigorate the nerves and blood vessels.

Doing this will even make the organ larger, which is something Viagra has never achieved.


The Sunday Times UK reports that the research has so far been aimed at men who have had their prostate glands removed because of cancer.

This can cause degeneration of the nerves and blood vessels in the penis, making it shrink.

Several studies have shown that erectile dysfunction can be affected by many factors, including hydration levels. Dehydration can reduce blood volume and affect mood, so a person may find that drinking water can help with maintaining an erection.

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is when a man has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. An estimated 30 million men experience ED at some point. A wide range of factors can influence ED.

A report published in Medical News Today looked at the relationship between hydration and both ED and sex drive, how you can tell if you are dehydrated, and other causes of erectile dysfunction.

Being dehydrated may cause a number of physiological changes, such as temporary ED. It is possible for a person’s hydration levels to influence temporary ED. A lack of sufficient body water can affect a person physiologically and mentally.

Professor Soren Sheikh, director of the Danish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, will reveal further details at a meeting for European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology in Barcelona this July.

He said that the men’s regained function had lasted more than a year so far but larger trials over a longer period were required.

Sheikh added that stem cell therapy could also help the millions of men with erectile dysfunction from other causes such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and simple ageing.

Sheikh said: “Stem cells can grow into many of the body’s main tissues, such as nerves, liver, kidney and heart cells. They are very good at building blood vessels.”

The therapy involved using liposuction to remove half a pint of fat cells from a patient’s abdomen.

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