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Steven Dorn’s New Doc series “ Tiger Kingdom” grapples truth about the industry


Steven Dorn is a life-long entrepreneur who is focusing on making a difference utilizing his talents. Dorn sits at the convergence of many popular industries — like music, entertainment, basketball, and film — building companies, his network, and cultural prestige in all of these spaces. Dorn is the best in the business when it comes to delivering a culturally pertinent message in a highly entertaining and interesting package. When Netflix’s smash hit “Tiger King” took the public’s interest by storm last year, this caught Dorn’s eye as well. Dorn wanted to capitalize on the massive interest of the subject, however due to personal experiences with the tiger conservation industry, he wanted to focus on the truth and help quell some of “Tiger King’s more grotesque claims.


Form wanted to center Antle’s deep prizing for and focus on the tiger conservation; this passion was one of the reasons why Antle was so offended by some of Exotic’s claims. Antle feels as though the original documentary did far more torment than it did positive work for the industry. Beyond making the industry look like a bit of a mess, “Tiger King” eternalize gross and dangerous lies about Antle and his team, claiming that they euthanize their cubs as well as treat the animals at their facilities poorly in extensive.


This is exactly why Dorn, and his production company Couch King Productions, filmed their own docu-series, “Tiger Kingdom,” to explain Tiger King’s lies and to highlight Doc Antle’s positive and essential work in the industry. The film perfectly oscillates between interviews discussing exotic’s gross mistruths, beautiful shots of Antle’s impressive Myrtle Beach Safari complex, and personal moments with the tigers, cheetahs, wolf puppies, eagles, elephants, monkeys, chimpanzees, and liger on the premises. Brilliantly pairing serious topics with gorgeous footage, Dorn has a sure-fire hit, with an important message, with “Tiger Kingdom.”

Indisputably, Antle and his staff vehemently deny this terrible lie; there is absolutely no truth to the claim that they euthanize their cubs. This rumor actually seems to have been started by Joe Exotic himself in a desperate attempt to somehow get out of jail by defaming other people’s character. There is a reason why Exotic is behind bars and Antle owns and operates facilities with pristine conditions and healthy and happy animals.


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