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The 30-day challenge – Part 2



10. Drink at least 8 glasses (240mls) of alkaline water (Lasena Alkaline Water) or watermelon juice daily for 30days.
Dehydration is at the root of many diseases.

11. Spend sometime in outdoors everyday for 30days.
You need fresh air and sunshine for enhanced moods, vitamin D synthesis and proper blood oxygenation. Early morning sunshine (before 11am) is better than the hot afternoon sunshine.

12. Read one chapter of the Book of PROVERBS in the HOLY BIBLE daily for 30days.
There is healing power in GOD’s word. You may wish to read from any other book of the BIBLE apart from PROVERBS. I have recommended the BOOK of PROVERBS for two reasons: 1) because it is the book of wisdom and will make you wiser in issues of life and 2) Because it has 31chapters (enough to last for a month at one chapter daily).


13. Pray about all your concerns and needs for 30minutes a day, for 30days.
GOD still answers prayers. The BIBLE enjoins us to take all our concerns to GOD in prayer. The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous person avail much.

14. Forgive all who have offended you and release them from your heart for 30days.
Unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, animosity, malice, etc, are insidious toxic emotions that damage our health. We are better off without them than with them. Negative tension and conflict affects us negatively if we don’t resolve them quickly.

15. Maintain a positive outlook and an attitude of gratitude.
Give thanks to GOD for every new day you wake up to see and speak positive words over your day before you step out of the house. Don’t ever make any negative confession during this period. Maintain a positive outlook on life and keep speaking positive words every one of the 30days. You can have what you say.

C) ON THE 31st DAY:
The next morning after you have completed your 30-Day Challenge, go to the same doctor or lab to repeat all the tests you did before you began the 30-Day Challenge. Make sure not to eat anything on the morning of the 31st day until your blood, urine and stool samples have been collected as early in the day as possible. When your results are out, go ahead and compare the two results – the ones before and those after you started the 30-Day Challenge. If you do not know how to interpret test results, let your doctor assist you. Your doctor should be able to tell you which of the two results is better. In all probability, your blood cholesterol levels would have dropped and your blood sugar as well as blood pressure would have normalized too.

Also check to see if any of your symptoms has disappeared. Meanwhile, note any positive changes you have felt or observed especially towards end of the 30days challenge such as:
• Weight loss
• Better sleep
• Mental clarity
• Clearer and smoother skin
• Increased energy
• A better mood and a feeling of wellness etc.

Note that you may actually feel a little worse during the first few days of the 30-Day Challenge as your body goes through some form of detoxification. This is known as the healing crisis. You may experience mild diarrhea, skin eruption, light headedness, etc, at the beginning. But towards the end, things will improve.
For those who desire to see even remarkable improvement in their lab result and weight loss, continuing the challenge for 90days will make a huge positive difference. Please write me to let me know what your experience was like, taking this challenge. You can send me an e-mail through these addresses:,

NOTE: You will definitely loose weight during this programme. After the 90 or 30days on this programme (as the case may be), you may wish to include 50% cooked food in both lunch and supper to regulate your weigh loss. This brings the consumption of cooked meals to twice a day (50% of lunch and 50% of supper). The 50% vegetable salad must always come first before the cooked meal in each case. Where vegetable salad is not available, you may wish to occasionally substitute with some fruits before your lunch and supper. This modified lifestyle can be sustained for the rest of your life for good health and longevity.


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