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The 30-day challenge unveiled Part – 1


Fruits and vegetables

The 30-Day Challenge is a recommendation of what we should eat and drink as against those items we should avoid in a thirty-day period in order to detox. Rev. Tony Akinyemi has developed this and I have found it to be effective. I am sharing this with you by Rev. Tony’s kind permission.

Please take these 30 days and see for yourself if changes in diet and lifestyle actually lead to changes in health status. I have known people who have been able to reverse arthritis and migraines, loose excess weight, lower their cholesterol level and blood pressure, normalize their blood sugar and stop heart palpitations, etc, by simply taking this 30-Day Challenge.

The things you should do are as follows:


Go to your doctor or medical lab and do the following: Check and record your;
•Blood Pressure
•Resting Pulse
•Fasting Blood Sugar
•Serum Cholesterol
•Body Weight
•Body Mass Index
•Kidney Function Test
•Liver Function Test
•Urine Analysis and
•Stool Test

Keep your results. Also note (in writing) if there are any symptoms you might be experiencing.

(Please do not cheat on this programme for maximum benefits and for your own good).

1. Eliminate the following things from your diet and lifestyle for 30days
Cow’s milk and all diary products
•Sugar, sweetened and carbonated beverages and packaged fruit juices
•Ice cream
•White flour products (such as white bread, cake, doughnut, meat-pie, chin-chin, noodles, pasta, biscuit etc.)
•Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG), artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives
•Highly processed and refined foods
•Artificial Sweeteners (such as aspartame, saccharin, etc)
•Caffeine-containing substances
•Saturated animal fat, margarine, and fried foods (trans-fat)
•Common or table salt (use unrefined sea-salt moderately for your cooking)
•Junk foods, fast foods
•Hormonal contraceptive pills (use other methods of family planning)
•Tobacco and Hard drugs
•Alcoholic beverages
•Self medication
•Other health-destroying foods and habits

2. Eat only fresh fruits for breakfast for 30days.
You do not have to eat all the fruits at once. Keep eating the fruits throughout the morning period. For example, eat some pawpaw or pineapple or watermelon in the morning before you leave home for work; then take some banana, apple, guava, pear, oranges, tangerine, green or red grapes etc, with you to eat at work whenever you feel hungry before lunch time. If you are diabetic, substitute fresh fruits with freshly extracted vegetable juice (e.g. 50% carrot juice+50% bitter-leaf juice or 50% carrot juice+30% celery juice+ 20% parsley juice). Drink a 240ml glass of these juices at, say 7:00am, another at 9:00am, and yet another at 11:00am. Then eat an avocado or coconut at about 10:00am.

3. Eat some raw vegetable salad before lunch for 30days.

For lunch, you may eat any of your favourite cooked foods apart from the forbidden ones listed in Number 1 above. You may eat Brown Rice, Yams, Whole Grain Bread, Beans, Pounded Yam, Eba, Amala, Ofada Rice (NOT polished rice), Beans, Potatoes, etc.

4. Eat only a large bowl of raw vegetable salad for supper for 30days.

Your vegetable salad must be a vegetable salad indeed. No pasta, sliced eggs, corned-beef, sardine, roasted chicken, creamy salad cream, etc. Make your own salad dressing at home or simply use VEGENAISE (a vegetarian mayonnaise) for your dressing.

5. Eat only one cooked meal per day during lunch for 30days.
You may swap your lunch with your supper. This rule is that you must eat a cooked meal once a day.

6. You may eat more fresh fruits, raw nuts, and vegetables such as garden eggs, avocado, carrots, guava, raw almonds, walnuts, etc, for snacks if you feel hungry between meals.

Avoid peanuts, though, cashew nuts are okay to eat moderately.
7. Don’t ever eat anything cooked before 12noon or after 7pm for 30days.


This rule is very important. Do your best to observe it.

8. Exercise for 30minutes a day for 30days.

Brisk walking is good enough if you cannot go to a gym. Just make sure you sweat.

9. Sleep for at least 6hours daily at night for 30days.

Go to bed by 11pm latest if you can. You may then wake up at 4am to pray or have your devotion.


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