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The basic truth about breakfast

In an ideal world, most people get out of bed, jump straight into the shower, get dressed and usually grab a quick bite to eat. I believe the greater majority of people ...


In an ideal world, most people get out of bed, jump straight into the shower, get dressed and usually grab a quick bite to eat. I believe the greater majority of people don’t think about breakfast until almost midday. And if at all they have anything to eat, it usually isn’t anything healthy. However, what most fail to remember is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day or so they say. There has always been a bit of misconception about what the ideal breakfast should be, thanks to the many TV ads, social media and marketing campaigns, some are right and others are not, but regardless of what has been put out there, whether wrong or right, there are a few things you need to know about breakfast.

What’s the idea for an ideal breakfast?
An ideal breakfast should be high in complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, plain oatmeal, legumes, vegetables e.t.c, because they take a longer period to digest and provide lasting energy compared to simple carbohydrates such as milk, fruit juice, molasses, table sugar e.t.c, which a lot of the time most people go for.

These simple carbs are easily broken down and digest very quickly, thus, causing an immediate rise in the blood sugar level of the body. Also, the body stops burning the fat and starts storing the simple carbs, often as fat which causes weight gain. More so, after the simple carbs are digested, there’s usually an experience of quick energy crash, which causes one to begin craving for more food within a short time frame.

Therefore, foods in moderate proportion- rich in complex carbs with a considerable amount of protein will do for a healthy breakfast meal plan.

Making the right choices
Making the right choice will require some effort on your part. Less focus should be placed on social media, TV ads and marketing campaign ideas instead focus on making your own decisions. One of the easiest ways is by reading the nutritional labels on products before thinking of consuming it. Food products have the breakdown of carbs, protein, fat and the other nutrients they contain. So food labels have all the useful information you need to make the right decision.

Skipping Breakfast?
Some people eat regularly while others eat irregularly, some people skip breakfast while others don’t. Nevertheless, whether you eat once, twice, thrice or multiple times in a day, it’s imperative to eat enough calories and keep to a particular eating routine. By so doing, your body knows when exactly it burns fat and makes it a routine.
Some people may skip breakfast their entire lives and still remain healthy while maintaining their weight, which is also acceptable. It basically means that their bodies have adjusted and adapted to the routine of staying without breakfast while keeping to the proper functioning of their body. The truth is, if these set of people switch up their routine and begin irregular breakfast eating habits, they will most likely begin to put on weight as a result of the body not being used to the new routine.

Major points to consider.
• Do away with foods rich in simple carbohydrates such as milk, packaged fruit juices, table sugar, honey, maple syrup and so on. Go for foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, plain oatmeal, legumes, vegetables.
• Adding a bit of protein rich foods is not a bad idea, as they also have slow digestion rate and help you stay full for a longer duration.
• More of your attention should be drawn to the nutritional label of food products for guidance, before thinking of consuming the product.
• If you’re the type who sporadically eats breakfast, try as much as possible to make it a regular habit.
• If you’ve observed you live a healthy life despite the absence of breakfast, it’s okay to stick with it as that’s what your body is already used to.

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