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The best and worst foods a man can eat

By Editor
01 November 2016   |   2:28 am
In large amounts, your body OD’s on the natural and added sugar in juice, storing it as fat instead of burning it as energy.


A = Eat as often as you like
B = Eat every day, in moderation
C = Eat once a week
D = Limit your intake
F = Public health hazard—be afraid, be very afraid

In large amounts, your body OD’s on the natural and added sugar in juice, storing it as fat instead of burning it as energy. Rating: D

It’s packed with trans-fatty acids that can raise cholesterol levels. Stick with butter or a trans-fat-free option such as Smart Beat instead. Rating: D

Call it the morning-after fruit: Bananas help to restore the potassium that drunken, dehydrated cells need to fight a hangover. Rating: A

Citrus fruits
Eat oranges and grapefruits, and someday your knees and elbows will thank you. Vitamin C-rich diets appear to lower the risk of some degenerative joint conditions. Rating: A

Research shows you need about 6 grams of essential amino acids before or after your workout to maximize muscle growth. Which is perfect since that’s about the amount you’ll find in two large eggs. Rating: B

Go ahead, pour yourself a cup. The latest data shows that plain coffee may reduce diabetes risk and enhance power and endurance in well-trained athletes. Rating: B

High fiber cereals
Studies show that guys who eat bran cereal frequently are happier, more alert, and have greater energy levels than guys who don’t. Oatmeal is just as powerful, drastically increasing the supply of fuel to working muscles. Rating for both: A

Fast-food burgers
When a whopping 64 per cent of calories come from fat, even a low-carb marketing makeover can’t turn this cash cow into healthy food. Cruise home and grill your own. Rating: F

With just 35 calories and 40 percent of your daily vitamin C apiece—plus a bounty of cancer fighting lycopene in every bite—tomatoes are one of the best vegetables you can eat, even if you have to resort to getting them as sauce on your slice. Rating: A

Italian docs recently found that guys who ate a small 6-inch pizza once a week had a 22 per cent lower chance of suffering a coronary than patients who rarely touched the stuff. Rating: C

Drive-up chili is a good source of protein and slow-release carbs. It’s also an excellent source of fiber, with a single-cup serving packing nearly 10 grams or artery-clearing, appetite controlling fiber. Rating: B

At 27 g of protein per skin-and-boneless 3-oz breast, chicken is one of the best muscle foods on legs. Rating: A

The iron in spinach is spackle for your sinew, helping to rebuild the muscle-tissue that strength training tears down. Rating: A

An apple a day could keep a hacking cough away. Studies show that apples help to counteract damage from inhaled cigarette smoke. Rating: A

Quercetin-rich onions help battle cataracts, cancer and heart disease. (But be careful! They don’t do much for your social life.) Rating: B

Studies show that increasing protein intake to 1.4 g per kilogram of body weight helps to trigger muscle growth. A 3-oz can of tuna packs 20 g—providing a whole lot of bang toward bigger guns. Rating: A

Dark chocolate
The high-quality antioxidants in the cocoa justify this indulgence, helping to delay aging and prevent the buildup of cholesterol in your arteries. Just stick to small servings. Rating: B

Barflies, beware: All that alcohol may leave you peeing your zinc stores down the pub urinal, causing your testosterone levels to plunge. Gobbling turkey will help cover your losses. Light meat is a good source and has less fat than dark. Rating: A

Compounds in fresh berries work like Drano, inhibiting the buildup of “bad” LDL cholesterol in your pipes. Rating: A