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The destiny of your health in your hand – Part 2


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As I said in the last write-up, there may be a peculiar truth in the idea that health is wealth. This is in the belief that not only will you have a wholesome vibrancy in pursuing materials goals, the privilege of material goods especially money will also put you at an advantage to maintain good health. The fallacy in this, however, is that, wealthy people also die, sometimes not only of death that could be perceived as untimely, but also one that the advantage of material wealth may not prevent. This is the limitation of the concept of ‘health is wealth.’

That there are diseases that even wealthy people cannot overcome has brought us back to the reality that ill health is no respecter of persons. That ignorance is largely the root cause of the diseases that have afflicted most people is located in the fact that the privilege of excessive wealth, for some people, have been the bane of the good of their health.

It is all about lifestyle. While the poor may have a peculiar lifestyle that may cause ill health, the rich also have lifestyle that may cause some sickness. People talk at times about ‘Executive Stress,’ as if it is a term that confers class or suggests that you have arrived when it may actually be a term suggesting the beginning of your slow march to death or a disease you may never wish for your enemy.


This is the power of ignorance when it has grip on people and many people are in its grip and that is why diseases are now getting out of hand. So, when it is said that the destiny of your health is in your hand, it is pointing your attention to the fact that there may be more to the maintenance of truly good health than taking consolation in the fact even if you breakdown there may be some cure out there to bring you back to normal. Thanks to medical doctors and pharmacists. They do their bit in this respect, but as they themselves may honestly tell you, not all diseases as of today are curable. And because lifestyles are becoming more and more complex and strange, even new diseases are emerging that medical experts themselves do not know how to handle them. In this respect, the awareness is growing by the day that people should begin to be orientated into the truth that knowledge of the preventive approach to the issue of health may be more beneficial than emphasis on the curative approach.

What has made this awareness imperative today is that curative approach is usually expensive and in a world of recession where we may not want too many unnecessary deaths, we might just need to embark on the enlightenment of our people to the benefits of the preventive approach to health issue. This will open up the true knowledge of the rules of living that reveals that true health for everybody must take account of the functional rules that govern the interconnectivity of the physical, the mental and the emotional.

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