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The economy of small girl big gOD


Lanre Olusola

According to a very good friend of mine, Femi Adeagbo, there are approximately 26 million females in the 15 – 29 age band. If 1 in every 10 of them receives 25, 000 naira weekly for sex favors (either full-time/ frequent/ or casual income augmentation), 2.6 million girls will average an annual revenue of 3.380 TRILLION NAIRA PER ANNUM (approximately $9.6 Billion).

Putting Morality aside, is this not a Phenomenon? Why does this sector thrive as much as it does? Simply because there is an exchange of value (wherever there is a demand, supply will emerge). Hence should we be casting aspersions only on the small girls? What about their demanding BIG gODs? Do these ladies realize how fetish most of these BIG gODs are? Do the BIG gODs realize how fetish some of these small girls are? What could be the eventual consequences of these exchanges, long term for the same girl and the BIG gODs? With the kind of energy, planning, effort and work that goes into this trade, could these enterprising, bright, skillful, energetic, beautiful and creative girls find something else to do that will equally bring this kind of revenue and even more?

There are various levels of small girls. The bigger “small girls” earn in dollars, get designer watches, get to travel business and first class, own the most expensive jeeps and acquire houses in the most expensive neighborhoods. BUT the question remains: Is the sex really worth the very expensive phones, watches, cars, houses etc. Are these men ONLY “paying to play”?


Is the sex really this good? Why else could the so called “BIG gODs” be shelling out these things? What can this quantum level of cash be diverted into that will create immense value in the society besides using the money for vanity? What is the resultant dysfunctionality this phenomenon is creating in society? What will be the expectation of every man or woman on the opposite sex? How will this destroy social and intimate relationships due to unrealistic expectations? BEWARE! Trading sex has now become the new normal.

If you do not believe the extent of this “small girl BIG gOD” phenomenon, park your car at home for one week, take a cab everywhere you are going and interview each driver about this matter. They will tell you firsthand what is really going on in the country today.

We need to recalibrate in Nigeria. Countries like the UK, Spain, Germany and other European countries – realizing the size of the market, now compute sex in GDP figures. It is time for us all to wake up to the reality of this New Dawn and do something about it from the government to families.

Tonight, Thursday, 23rd August 2018, we will be discussing on my radio show called “The Uncensored Talk”, by 9:30pm -“The Economy of “small girls, BIG gODs”. Tune in from anywhere in the world. You can also watch the show on my Instagram live channel -@lanreolusola. My guests for the radio show will be Laura Ikeji and Delphine Okobah (The Delphinator). It promises to be revealing, explosive and provocative. Get your contributions and questions ready. It will be greatly needed.

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