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16 March 2023   |   7:28 am
ARC. DR. BARKA UMARU MSHELIA : A DYNAMIC ARCHITECT AND ENTREPRENEUR DRIVING MSHEL HOMES' GROWTH THROUGH INNOVATIVE REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS He is a dynamic architect with distruptive vision who has made resourcefulness and innovative solutions the hallmark of Mshel Homes Limited's identity, and this has made it easy for the organization to share the space…

Arc. Dr. Barka Umaru Mshelia, Founder & CEO, Mshel Homes Ltd


He is a dynamic architect with distruptive vision who has made resourcefulness and innovative solutions the hallmark of Mshel Homes Limited’s identity, and this has made it easy for the organization to share the space with top real estate companies raising the bar of excellence in Nigeria today.  

Driven by innovation and passion, Arc. Dr Barka Umaru Mshelia, Chief Executive Officer, Mshel Homes Limited has continued to demonstrate how working hard can bring positive change, when competence is driven with diligence and integrity. Focused and disciplined, he places premium on collaboration, team building engagements, alliances and joint and pragmatic execution approach to handling business challenges.

A graduate of Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola, where he acquired his Bachelor of Technology. The certified project manager and Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants holds an Honorary doctorate degree in Business Management from the Universite La HEGJ, Cotonou, Benin Republic, and he has acquired certificates from institutions like the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, United Kingdom, and the International Business Management Institute Berlin, Germany. 

An exceptional leader, he has several years of experience in real estate development, project management, business development and strategic management. He has championed the affairs of the company and built over twenty estates with over 1500 housing units across different locations in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

Dr Mshelia’s approach to real estate has been marked by his willingness to embrace new ideas and technologies, always seeking out innovative solutions to complex challenges. At the same time, his unwavering commitment to ethical standards and integrity has earned him the trust and respect of his peers, clients, and partners. He embodies the values of innovation, integrity, and diligence. Through his years of experience in the industry, Dr Mshelia has established himself as a leader in the field, known for his innovative solutions, ethical standards, and unwavering commitment to success.

He began his professional career at Nik De Panache Limited, a construction company, specializing in construction, real estate, and logistics. In 2017, Mshelia began his journey in entrepreneurship by founding Mshel Construction . Propelled by his desire to make a mark on the real estate sector in Nigeria, he founded Mshel Homes Limited in 2018. 

According to him, ” I started by marketing land and houses that were affordable and genuine. Being an architect , I design and construct houses for people and relate with developers and contractors, and I observed the dishonesty and unfaithfulness of some of them. This drove me to start thinking of ways to provide satisfying solutions to clients by providing affordable plots of land and houses within our estates, providing smart homes for our clients at an affordable rate, and providing satisfying experiences within our estates. That was the beginning, we have since brought in more competent hands into the company, and we have continued to improve on our competence and capacity.”

Combining excellent services with tailor made solutions for unique real estate experience, Mshel Homes is building an enviable corporate reputation by making its clients realty dreams a reality. With each design, each concept and building, be it a new home, an apartment, or a unique office space, the company tells a story that resonates with the clients and the society. In testament to Arc. Mshelia’s managerial competence, the integrity-driven company has been acknowledged for introducing contemporary designs, smart homes and a suitable real estate investment platform within the city of Abuja. Headquartered in Abuja, the fast growing firm has been able to break into the competition, outshining competitors with a outstanding strategy and unique business model.

Proud of Mshel Homes’ sustained corporate growth, Arc. Mshelia explained what has given the firm an edge over many of the real estate development companies in Nigeria thus : ” Mshel Homes Limited assures you of skilled aptness and performance that will match your needs and exceed your expectations, with priority on safety and the environment hence implementing the latest technologies that ensure improvements in each of our processes and ensure quality as we are committed to serving you because you deserve the best, go for the best. Our dedicated team of experienced and highly motivated professionals are dedicated to the highest standards, systems, and performance necessary to fulfill your realty dreams.”

He added, ” With years of experience and thorough understanding of the facets of the building and construction industry ranging from development, funding, planning, and understanding the individual’s specific needs of our clientele and delivering to them, we assure you that our ability and performance will match your needs and exceed your expectations.”

Within the last five years, Mshel Homes Limited has been involved in the execution of a wide range of building constructions, development of housing estate, consultancy services, and projects of different sizes and complexities in Nigeria. Over these years, the organization has provided real estate investment and housing solutions to its diverse range of clients, from individuals to corporate bodies, and industrial organizations. Some of its projects include Luxury Homes: Mshel Brigeville, Mshel Orchid and Mshel Rock of Ages all in Asokoro; Mshel Ophelia, Maitama; Mshel Ville, katampe Extension; Mshel Galaxy Estate, Lugbe; Mshel Platinum Estate, Lugbe; Mshel Spring City Estate, Idu; Mshel Classic Estate,Lugbe; Mshel Atlantic City, Kyami; Mshel Gulf Villa,Guzape; Mshel Belle Vista, kyami and Mshel Meridian Villa Kyami, all located within Abuja.

A multiple award winner and Founder, Mshel Foundation, Arc. Barka Umaru Mshelia is a life coach who has dedicated part of his time to providing mentorship to young professionals and CEOs. 

Risikatu Ladi Ahmed, Managing Director/CEO, ASO Savings & Loans PLC

How ASO Savings’ innovation, best practices, impacted Nigeria’s mortgage industry, by Ladi Ahmed

Risikatu Ladi Ahmed is an experienced result-oriented Bank Executive with consistent track record of exceeding goals and expectation in banking business for almost three decades. She was appointed Managing Director/CEO of ASO Savings and Loans PLC on the 1st May 2021 with a mandate to reposition the bank as a frontliner in the Mortgage Banking Business. Being the first female to be appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ASO Savings and Loans and one of those Nigerian Bank Female CEOs breaking the ceiling as recognized by Women in Management, Business and Public service (WIMBIZ), Risi has continued to provide strategic direction and market position for the Bank.

She holds a Law Degree (LLB) from the University of Maiduguri and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1990. She also holds a Masters’ degree in Law (LLM) from the University of Jos and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies from the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi. An alumnus of Lagos Business School and a graduate of Advanced Management Program (AMP) from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, USA she also undertook Executive level education in Harvard Business School of Boston, USA.

Prior to her appointment as MD/CEO of ASO Savings and Loans, she was an Executive Director in the bank between 2015 and 2021. She led the Corporate Services Directorate, Human Capital, Employee Relations and Supply Chain, Operations and Technology Group, Real Estate Inventory Management Group, and Institutional Banking Group. In the course of her career, she has provided executive, strategic and operational leadership towards the Before her appointment in 2015 as an Executive Director with ASO Savings & Loans PLC, she worked in Diamond Bank for sixteen years between July 1999 and 2015, where she held various managerial and leadership positions. Her track record of excellent performance earned her several commendations and awards. Her banking experience started from Continental Merchant Bank, Lagos where she did her National Youth Service Corps programme and later proceeded to work with Savannah Bank, from 1993 to 1999 before moving to Diamond Bank.

Career journey and passion for excellence

Ultimately, the greatest passion that has advanced my profession is probably a result of a variety of factors over the years, three of which include the drive for success This has been key to becoming an experienced result-oriented Bank Executive with a consistent track record of exceeding goals and expectation in the banking business for almost three decades, it took a lot of hard work and determination to get here.

Secondly, passion for finance and helping people: Having a deep understanding of the financial industry and a genuine desire to help people make smart decisions about their money has helped me become better over the years, and also kept me going during difficult periods.

A commitment to integrity: The financial industry is heavily regulated, and it’s important for a Bank Executive to maintain the trust of their customers and stakeholders. This strong sense of ethics and a commitment to doing the right thing, even in challenging situations has helped me become better and also make better decisions. 

A desire to Uphold the tenets of the Legal Profession: The disciplines of the legal profession and the desire to uphold the tenets of the legal profession has in no small ways helped in driving my desire to add value to humanity. 

ASO Savings and Loans PLC, a quintessential Nigerian company with international best practices

ASO as a Nigerian financial institution, and a leading company in the nation’s mortgage sector, it would be expected that we demonstrate a high level of professionalism and astuteness in handling our business operations. This would involve several key factors, including: Expertise in Real Estate and Mortgage: The Bank’s Management and staff are well equipped with people that have a deep understanding of the Real estate industry, the Nigerian economy, and the specific needs of their customers.

Strategic thinking: In order to re-position Nigeria on the path of wealth creation and economic growth, the Bank has a strategy unit which has a clear understanding of the broader economic landscape and the role that it can play in supporting this goal. This requires strategic thinking, an ability to identify opportunities, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

Strong Risk Management: Any financial institution must be able to effectively manage risk in order to be successful. ASO has a robust risk management framework in place to ensure that it is making sound decisions and protecting its customers’ investments.

Customer Focus: The Bank’s success is closely tied to its ability to attract and retain customers. ASO under my watch has demonstrated a deep commitment to meeting the needs of its customers, providing high-quality services and building long-term relationships.

Compliance With Regulations: The financial industry is heavily regulated in Nigeria, and ASO ensures that it is fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. This would require a strong focus on compliance and a commitment to ethical business practices.

All of these factors are essential to the success of ASO in its efforts to support the re-positioning of Nigeria on the path of wealth creation and economic growth.

Innovation and contribution to Nigeria’s economic growth

In recent years, there have been a number of innovative approaches that have impacted the financial sector in Nigeria, including the mortgage industry. Some of these include: Digital Transformation: The use of technology has become increasingly important in the financial sector, and many companies are investing in digital solutions to streamline their operations and provide more convenient services to customers. For example, ASO is leveraging digital tools to improve its customer experience, such as offering online applications for accessing properties and mortgage information real time 

Data-Driven Decision Making: Companies are using data and analytics to make more informed decisions about their operations and strategy. ASO has been leveraging data to better understand its customers, identify areas for improvement, and make more effective use of its resources.

Increased Competition: The financial sector in Nigeria has become more competitive in recent years, with new players entering the market and established players seeking to differentiate themselves. This has led to increased innovation and a focus on delivering high-quality services to customers.

Greater Emphasis on Financial Inclusion: There has been a growing emphasis on financial inclusion in Nigeria, with the aim of ensuring that more people have access to formal financial services. This has led to an increased focus on serving underserved populations and providing tailored financial products and services to meet the specific needs of these groups.

Regulatory Changes: The regulatory environment in the financial sector has evolved in recent years, and companies like ASO Savings and Loans PLC must stay abreast of these changes and ensure that they are fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

These are some of the key innovations that have impacted the mortgage industry in Nigeria in recent years, and they are likely to continue shaping the sector in the years to come.

In her view as a key practitioner and stakeholder, government needs to address obvious challenges in the Sector and fast-track economic development and wealth creation for the nation. These include creating a favorable regulatory environment that encourages investment and innovation in the mortgage sector. This could involve streamlining the process for obtaining mortgage financing, reducing the cost of borrowing, and improving the overall ease of doing business.

In the same vein, there must be increase access to finance for individuals and families seeking to purchase homes. This could include providing financial incentives for banks and other financial institutions to increase their lending in the mortgage sector, as well as creating new sources of financing for low- and middle-income families.

Furthermore, financial literacy and education are critical for individuals seeking to understand the mortgage process and make informed decisions about home ownership. The government should work with financial institutions and other organizations to promote financial literacy and education, especially among underserved populations.

Also government must address structural barriers to homeownership such as a lack of affordable housing, limited access to basic services, and inadequate infrastructure. The government should work to address these barriers by investing in affordable housing, improving access to services, and strengthening infrastructure. Lastly, government should encourage public-private partnerships to support the growth of the mortgage sector and increase access to financing for potential homeowners. These partnerships could include collaborations between the government, financial institutions, and housing developers to create new housing initiatives and support sustainable homeownership.

Obafemi Onanuga, CEO, Obiwezy Enterprises Limited

OBAFEMI ONANUGA: Enterprising CEO Driving Business Innovation With Integrity

His steady rise in a field where most of his contemporaries have given various reasons for their poor managerial performance is proof that dedication and hard work can still be rewarding when customer satisfaction is prioritized. Obafemi Onanuga, the Chief Executive Officer of Obiwezy Enterprises, is a relatively young entrepreneur whose capabilities and achievements typify the can-do attitude of the average Nigerian youth determined to make an impact in this country.

Fascinated by technology since childhood, he was admitted to Bowen University to study Computer Science, but he was unable to complete the program. He later attended NIIT, where he completed an intensive two-year Diploma program in Network Engineering, laying a solid foundation on which he has built a Bachelor’s degree in Computing and IT Practice from The Open University in the United Kingdom. Motivated by a desire to strengthen his managerial capabilities, he attended the Lagos Business School, Pan African University for the Owner Manager Program in 2021.

Every day on his way to school, Obafemi had to pass through Ikeja’s Computer Village. This brought out his creative side as he tried to figure out how to run the computer business in a more modern and convenient manner.

Following a thorough market analysis, Obafemi started small by creating flyers and handbills to inform people in his immediate vicinity that he could meet their IT needs. He also used social media extensively.

“I was tenacious in my pursuit, I landed a job at a laptop sales company in 2010, and by then, I had discovered how simple it was to drive social media marketing. I already had a client base, and my Facebook page competed with my day job because I was not selling mobile devices at the time; only laptops. My personal network suffered as I attempted to market laptop sales on social media. I’d started promoting mobile device products that had piqued the interest of my followers. At this point, I had to assess my requirements and realized that seeing five clients alone per day was more profitable than my 9 to 5 job.”

With his IT knowledge and the assistance of an acquaintance, he was able to build an e-commerce website.” By 2012, the website had not performed as expected, but we proceeded to registering the business name – Obiwezy Enterprises, which was coined from my name. By 2013, I had rented my first solely owned office space, paying a two-year lease with no product to sell on display. I borrowed money from my church and my mother (N600,000 each), which I had to repay within months. It was then that I realized my journey as a business owner had truly begun,”he recalled.

Established to serve the needs of gadgets users, Obiwezy Enterprises primarily involved in the sales of brand new and used gadgets, including phones and laptops. Through its e-commerce website,, the company offers simple solutions for gadgets purchase, swap deals, apps for development, and it provides easy access by offering pick-up centers for its quality products.

“We professionalized the sale of pre-owned (used) devices with the option of upgrading it (where you pay by determining a fair value of your device for a top up). Downgrading it where you get another device and get cash back or more than one device (all these processes are called swaps). Or you do an outright sale where you get cash back (called buy back). We also sell new mobile phones, laptops, smartwatches, lifestyle devices, and accessories through our stores in Computer Village, Lekki Phase 1, Abuja, Benin, and Port Harcourt (coming soon). All of this, as well as our active social media presence @obiwezy and our website “Obafemi stated,” Obafemi said.

He added, “The business and processes of Obiwezy has always centered around my partner Kofoworola Onanuga (my wife), who is grounded in management and stuff with her degrees from Babcock University. But this won’t be complete without mentioning our mentor, friend and financial adviser, Mr Kola Ayeye. This has always encouraged us to gain knowledge, establish, uphold, and constantly review certain standards, as we have now become a yardstick for certain positive cultures and values within computer village, such as integrity, accountability, customer commitment, and employee empowerment.”

Speaking about Obiwezy’s copying mechanism against inflation, he said that “The epileptic nature of foreign exchange can be very positive and frustrating, but over the years we have been able to build personal relationships with our customers and our suppliers as such, we keep both parties abreast of the price change and they have been very understanding. Majorly, we have been strategic in our inventory management by reinforcing our zero inventory model, as such we are not necessarily carrying inventory around our products that are very expensive, such that even when we do within a specified period of time we can return. Also, we implemented a new ERP system that has helped centralized our inventory, monitor sales and reconcile reports. We are hoping things get better because it has really affected both suppliers and customers, but we will continue to pull through.”

Among other CSR engagements, Obiwezy Enterprises has been sponsoring a secondary school debate program ‘I Beg to Differ” on Nigeria Info, rewarding the top 3 participants and encouraging listeners get actively involved.

Olasijibomi Ojuola, CEO, Built Reliance Company Limited

“We Have Created a Niche in the Construction Industry By Standard and Delivery” – Olasijibomi Ojuola frics, mniq, pqs, rqs

Inventive and resourceful, Olasijibomi Taye Ojuola, the CEO of Built Reliance Company Limited is a thoroughbred professional who has made it a priority to uphold the ethics of his profession as a quantity surveyor at all times, despite daunting challenges which have seen many bend the rules. He has risen from humble beginnings to become an internationally decorated member of the quantity surveying community, earning Fellowship of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS UK) among other professional qualifications. 

A graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ojuola began his career at the Port-Harcourt City Council under the government’s mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corp, where he was responsible for budgetary oversight and supervision of works in the construction of the council secretariat, public schools, and health care centres, he has over the years developed a reputation for diligence, efficiency, and obsessive attention to detail. These are, indeed, the qualities that have ensured that all projects bearing his imprint are technically impeccable and generally beyond the expectations of all stakeholders.

His approach to his field is founded on the tenets of completing quality work on time. To that end, he takes great pride in starting his projects by attempting to comprehend every possible aspect of the work required. Paradoxically, Ojuola believes that being fully informed about the smallest details of his projects allows him to maintain a larger-picture perspective. Taking the time and care to stay vigilant is what allows him to be flexible when specifications change or obstacles arise. For Ojuola, the unshakeable foundations of good work must always be vigilance, awareness, agility, and dynamism. 

Having quickly earned a reputation as a cost and solution expert within the public and private sphere, and drawing on his meticulous knowledge of the construction industry, he founded Built Reliance in 2010 to provide Construction, Real Estate, and Cost Consulting Services.

“We founded Built Reliance because we wanted to do things differently in the construction industry in terms of how projects should be conceived, executed, and managed, with the ultimate goal of creating opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers given the nature of the industry, which requires massive manpower,” he explained.


Following Ojuola’s experience, he found himself expanding his portfolio into vastly different terrains, each with its own set of unique problems that needed to be solved. During this time, he oversaw several construction projects ranging from residential to institutional and commercial. Along with the new projects and responsibilities, his knowledge base grew rapidly.

Built Reliance has been committed to changing the construction industry landscape by employing technology and investing in plants and equipment since its inception, while continuously engaging qualified professionals who place emphasis on stability, functionality, aesthetics, buildability, quality, time, and cost in order to exceed clients’ expectations. “For us, we take pride in being dependable. We prioritize both client satisfaction and employee development. We also continue to invest in acquiring systems that help us deliver value,” he said in response to the strategies that have contributed to the company’s growth.

Given the increase in the number of real estate development firms springing up in the country, which has made the industry competitive, such that firms are now attempting to outclass one another in terms of price offering, aesthetics, and facilities, it is believed in some quarters that most players in the industry are now under pressure to keep up with latest trends in construction, but Ojuola is one of those who doesn’t feel pressured about the numbers as he is more concerned with the quality of the products. “There are no pressures taking into account the numbers associated with housing deficit in Nigeria. We have carved out a niche for ourselves in the industry through standard and delivery over the years, so we rely on referrals with little emphasis on marketing, saving money,” he added.

An unrelenting go-getter, Ojuola has built a reputation both on the continent and beyond for delivering complex projects on time and to cost. He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS), as well as the Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria. In addition to being a fellow of the RICS, he is also an RICS assessor and the immediate past chairman for the RICS Nigeria.

As a passionate believer in the importance of knowledge sharing, Ojuola has international and local publications to his name, ranging from Public Private Partnership in improving the country’s infrastructural gap to construction site and waste management amongst others. Over the years Ojuola has mentored several quantity surveying candidates who have qualified as chartered Quantity Surveyors.

“We look forward to creating more value by outshining clients’ expectations regardless of class while staying abreast of up-to-date advanced inclination within the built profession (construction and real estate) with a view to providing excellence in services that are distinguishing and unfailing, thus upholding a strong leadership spot within the industry,” he said about the company’s future.

Thaddy Aondoakaa, CEO, Tedxpeal Marine Services Limited

THADDY AONDOAKAA: Maritime Expert, Philanthropist With A Midas Touch

Thaddy Aondoakaa is a creative business executive who has made a name for himself both within and outside of the maritime industry. His success story is marked by perseverance, courage, resilience, and selflessness. He is goal-oriented and enterprising. His 15-year experience in the marine, oil, and gas industries is diverse and encompasses a depth of knowledge that only focus and assiduousness can bring. This is reflected in the high quality of services provided by Tedxpeal Marine Services Limited, where he is the managing director and CEO.

He began his career as a Trainee Operations Assistant, eventually learning the ropes and gaining sufficient experience in operations and supply Chain management. He rose through the ranks of the industry, freelancing as an administrative representative to various companies where he served as vessel owners’ representative in Nigeria for various companies to monitor vessel operations and oversee the daily management of the vessels.

Thaddy assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer with multiple responsibilities at Tedxpeal Marine Services in 2013, after helping to establish it in 2011 with a group of highly talented industry experts. In 2019, he was appointed CEO by the Board of Directors, where he oversees, coordinates, and supervises the articulation, development, approval, and implementation of relevant strategies, policies, procedures, budgets, and business processes that will ensure the delivery of safe, dependable, efficient, and cost-effective services as provided by Tedxpeal Marine Services Ltd.

The Benue-born entrepreneur and maritime business expert has extensive experience in the global maritime, oil and gas industries. He has assisted other maritime companies in establishing their operations. Beyond the maritime industry, he is the founder of Mekthaddy International Ltd (an agriculturally based production, processing, and marketing company), as well as the founder and president of the Mekthaddy Foundation (a non-profit organization that provides charitable support for education, empowerment, health, hunger, and the plight of internally displaced persons in Nigeria’s North Central region. He also serves on the boards of several organizations. He graduated from the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, and has participated in numerous national and international trainings, workshops, and seminars on various aspects of the marine, oil and gas industries.

Strategies adopted as a CEO

Simply put, Personalized Client Service Model (PCSM). At Tedxpeal, we believe that each client is unique and that each challenge is important. As a result, we are committed to each client and each challenge they throw at us. We strive for client satisfaction by proactively leveraging our sector/business knowledge and intelligence, extensive rich network, and resources to provide strategically client-centred innovations and timely solutions to our clients. Our business approach is dynamic, with our system constantly upgraded and updated in our day-to-day operations. This not only provided us with a competitive advantage, but also allowed us to grow steadily with very high referral ratings and strong customer retention. Above all, we regard our clients as trustworthy business partners. Our team is aware of these strategies and is dedicated to implementing them.

Vessel acquisition and impact of NIMASA

It will be difficult to rate NIMASA in this regard unless and until the government untangles the statutory nets that entangle the Cabotage Vessel Financing Fund (CVFF), which is supposed to be the main source of supporting local firms to acquire and manufacture vessels in Nigeria. We must remember that NIMASA was established by statute, specifically the NIMASA Act 2007. In this regard, NIMASA’s primary focus or responsibility is the development of maritime policies, regulatory compliance, and maritime safety administration in the maritime industry. Unfortunately, the NIMASA Act of 2007 also requires NIMASA to promote shipping activities and development in Nigeria, which includes the administration of CVFF for ship acquisition and construction in Nigeria. This regulatory burden is overwhelming because it has not gone well in the past, and I do not believe it is the best path to take in the future. For example, after 15 years of CVFF, the Federal Government approved a sum of N16 billion naira and $350 million dollars for disbursement in December 2022, but implementation may be difficult because access to CVFF is statutory entangled. This is detrimental to the industry. This is because there is no dedicated independent institution to professionally manage CVFF while allowing NIMASA to focus on their core mandate.

Hurdles faced as an operator in the maritime industry

To begin with, Nigeria’s maritime industry is not immune to the general challenges that businesses face in Nigeria. Every business in Nigeria faces generic issues, and the maritime industry is no exception. From a lack of access to low-interest financing to currency fluctuations, regulatory inconsistencies caused by political interference, a lack of technical expertise in some cases, process transparency, and so on. For us at TEDXPEAL, every challenge is an opportunity to think differently and see how we can turn these challenges into opportunities to solve problems for the industry as a whole. This is what matters most to us, and it is what keeps us going in the face of industry challenges. Our most valuable asset is our wit and ability to make spontaneous decisions in any situation, no matter how difficult. In other words, we dare the challenges that we face in the industry while attempting to solve some of these challenges as they arise. It is, however, the collective responsibility of all industry players, including the government. There appear to be significant improvements in regulatory processes, particularly within key agencies; however, there remains much to be desired. Nigeria is the Centre of Africa’s maritime industry. We must recognize this fact and establish our presence in the global maritime industry by developing a concept that promotes and reflects Nigeria as Africa’s maritime centre. We can build affordable, dependable, and efficient vessels to support the Nigerian maritime industry if we take the right approach. We can achieve these goals by bringing together smart and pragmatic industry leaders. We can raise quality machineries and advance reliable technology and solutions by maintaining the same pragmatic approach, which will promote and project our maritime industry to the rest of the world.

Important career lessons

I believe in God and in his works, I subject myself and surrender my faith to him, in the light of this, he has been my guide. With this confidence: 

  1. Self-belief and believe that everything is possible;
  2. I conceive idea(s) and think through it to be sure it will help solve a problem;
  3. I subject these ideas to internal and external criticism by sampling random opinions;
  4. I am deliberate in planning and follow through its implementation;
  5. I am consistent, reliable and stick to plans, while giving rooms for flexibility; 
  6. I learn before I can think of earning;
  7. Build a team amongst my most trusted and talented friends who can always say it as it is (support think tank)
  8. I ensure our team have a fair understanding of the vision and mission 

Future projection for Tedxpeal Marine Services

To be a globally competitive maritime services provider. To achieve these goals, Tedxpeal is building a strong brand that will outlive generations. We are deliberate in our approach and consistent in our service delivery process per time. We currently have footprints in West Africa and are expanding our presence to other African countries, with the goal of continuing to do so until our presence is felt globally.