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The inevitable panacea to man’s problems – Part XI


I have marshaled this argument so far in such a manner that all shades of belief whether religious, mundane and scientific could be on the same page irrespective of what we are trying to achieve. For example, I had used the popular cliché ‘whatever you sow, you will reap’ to support the argument that it is a law of life that has spiritual, natural and scientific implications. I had used it to buttress the argument that the will of God if properly understood could be replicated in the will of man. It is all about the development of one’s intelligence that leads to creative ability.

For example, have we ever asked from where is the creative ability of those who invented the motor cars, aeroplanes, submarines and so many other things we are enjoying today? For those who cherish religion, it may be pertinent to point out in this discussion that the same method of mind processes which produced these personalities also produced the likes of Moses the man vested with extraordinary powers to liberate a whole race from bondage. Jesus also operated in the same way. He told the world that whatever He did, anyone could do the same and even more.

This does not necessarily mean that we should all be healing people or turning water into wine. We are just talking about talents. As Paul noted in the Bible that we all have different talents and different talents produce different results. But all this shows how individual talent has influenced his or her mind. It might just be that there is a coordinating mechanism in the way the mind works, which may better explain the concept of the Holy Spirit in religion or what we call genius in popular language. But whatever it is, in as much as un-usual achievements we can see are concerned, we cannot escape the treatment of the concept of Faith and the powerful role that the notion of Imagination play in this situation.


The faculty of imagination develops well in a man who recognises the importance of the principle of symbiosis early enough. Symbiosis is another fundamental principle of life whose meaning and relevance is not entrenched in the education of man.

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