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The Job Excites The Entrepreneur


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

HENRY Ford said: ‘’A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.’’ Recently, the titles entrepreneur and hustler have been used as if they are one and the same. To be blunt and candid, they are not! The difference between an entrepreneur and a hustler lies in the passion of each. Hustlers are passionate about doing whatever it takes to get money while entrepreneurs are passionate about adding value to people’s lives (for profit).

Hustlers can do anything just to make money. They don’t have a definite business plan. What determines the next business they want to navigate is solely money and profitability. It is money that gives hustlers direction. In fact, they can do anything as far is it will bring them money. Hustlers don’t solve problems; they’ll rather perpetuate problems so that they can still be relevant.

An entrepreneur has a definite business plan; they don’t shy away from the fact that they want to make money but more importantly, they are pre-occupied with the values they want to add to the lives of their customers. An entrepreneur’s goal is to create solutions to solve problems or to enhance something that is already in existence. Entrepreneurs look out for customer’s satisfaction and opportunities while hustlers look out only for opportunities.

Moreover, the entrepreneur makes informed choices and takes calculated risks. They take full responsibilities of their outcomes. To be an entrepreneur, you must have long-term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-term failures. An entrepreneur understands market trends and they use their emotional intelligence to work effectively with others to achieve their aims. An entrepreneur easily identifies opportunities and creates them where there are none. An entrepreneur has integrity and is willing to make investments and sacrifices. The reverse of all these is true for a hustler, who is an opportunist with a sharp eye for money. They are calculative and sometimes, manipulative. They can only see opportunities but lack the initiative to create them. Ultimately, the hustler is short-sighted and lacks any real long term vision. The reason why most businesses fail is that the people at the helm of affairs are not entrepreneurs; or in a definite language, they lack entrepreneurship spirit. They are better referred to as hustlers. Hustlers lack focus and consistency and most times, they are involved in diverting business funds into other seemingly profitable ventures.

Sola Adeyiga, the faculty director of Soar and Heritage said: “Every business owner needs to be focused and consistent. You must be a master in your chosen business line. Losing focus by jumping at every opportunity outside your primary field will only end up dragging you behind.” Most entrepreneurs were hustlers. The transition from hustler to entrepreneur is a shift that most business needs to get direction. Being a hustler is not entirely bad, but for a hustler not to evolve into an entrepreneur is a sad shame. Sympathetically, most entrepreneur fall back into the hustling mentality, which might be that the company had a rough quarter and long term aspirations has to be sacrificed in order to manage payroll and pay the bills. If you are an entrepreneur that occasionally falls back into “hustling mode”, don’t worry about it too much, just recognize it for what it is, deal with your immediate issues, and then become an entrepreneur again by focusing on long term vision. Hustlers are needed because most times entrepreneurs hire other hustlers to work in the system.

The fate of hustlers can be summarized in one line: they are doomed to work forever for money or for real entrepreneurs that have made value and vision their core responsibilities. Though a hustler can make a good living, but an entrepreneur can achieve financial independence and separate his time from his money-making abilities. A hustler remains a prisoner to his own system and once he stops hustling, he stops earning. An entrepreneur, once he has built his own system, he is able to walk away from it, come back many months later, and find it doing better than before he left. It is not difficult to see who will reach financial freedom under this model.

One of the most fantastic contributions of entrepreneurs to the society and the economy is that they are continually involved in mentoring people because this is the only way to perpetuate their business. Unlike the entrepreneurs, hustlers are afraid to mentor people because this might hinder their own cash flow .Becoming a hustler is a full time job. Hustlers are not totally bad in themselves and that is why they are needed by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need hustlers to identify immediate opportunities. To shift to a better business world, we need to make a revolutionary shift from ‘hustling mentality’ to ‘entrepreneurship mentality’.

This is the new face of the business world, hustlers are gradually becoming ‘extinct’ in the modern business world and it is a matter of time before they sink into oblivion and those that refuse to change has already sealed their fate; they will hustle forever! Transforming a hustler to an entrepreneur is not an act that is taught in school or at least not the type of school I went to. Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”, it is high time we examined ourselves for who we are – Entrepreneurs or Hustlers.
So my questions to you all are:

Are entrepreneurs born or made?
How does a hustler become an entrepreneur and escape his doom?
What are your experiences of being a hustler; where has it taken you to in life?
Will you suffer the pain of transforming from a hustler to an entrepreneur or suffer the pain of remaining the way you are?
Do you have answers to all these questions? Send your feedback to 08053139316 or
To make business real and authentic; it is high time we left hustling mode!

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