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The National Question



Nicholas Okoye

When I was very young we were taught a song that I loved so much. I loved it so much that I would sing it all the way home from school, when I was in the bath room and even when I went outside to play. It went like this…

“ The more we are together, together, together, The more we are together the happier we shall be …….”

I just loved the idea of doing things together, it thrilled me to offer ideas to my friends and see those ideas become the next games in school. I have continued in this tradition all through my adult life, as I still live for sharing ideas for the betterment of my World, my Nation, my Society and my Community. In fact this article is proof of this conception as I write weekly sharing ideas on National Development and Personal Development.

What I cannot understand however is that there are some people, they are not too many, but they are out there, and some of them are sadly in Government, all they want to do is to divide us. Their ideas are on what will keep Nigeria divided, what will keep the tribes fighting, the regions not agreeing and so on. For the ones in Government it is what can we do to prevent this region or that region from getting investment so that their people will suffer.

It baffles me why anyone will want another human being to suffer. If you make and get all the money in the World, and I make a little money, my money does not in any way prevent you from enjoying your billions, so why the bigotry, xenophobia and hate?

Nigeria is at a very trying cross road. We have been forced to once again think about the National Question, should the Nigerian people remain united or not. Whereas I cannot answer that question for the 180 million Nigerians out there, I do know that if we do not resolve this question we are not going anywhere.

The overall development of the Nigerian individual is directly tied to this National question. Why, well because human being must have an identity. That is what makes us human. And if we exclude our brothers and sisters because they do not speak our language, then we are curtailing our growth and limiting our expectations. As for the people themselves, they will never reach their true potential. You cannot have a Nigeria that continues to displace, disregard or out rightly cheat its own people.

Remember what the great book said: A KINGDOM DIVIDED AMONG ITSELF CANNOT STAND.

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