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The new age of gaming: Bitcoin gaming



People have spent countless hours playing video games in their free time. And they still yearn for more. That’s just how popular the gaming industry has become. It not only has produced thousands of games but it continues to bring in new ones as years progress.
Moreover, the games keep getting better and better as time passes. New kinds of hardware come out and many PCs and consoles can support the high-res graphics of the new title. In other words, the industry incorporates technological advancements that enable it to grow and better suit the needs of gamers across the globe.

Bitcoin is another trend that the industry has incorporated. As a result, some gaming sites accept it as a payment method. In addition to that, the technology behind this cryptocurrency was crucial in creating the crypto gaming market. Game developers have made several Bitcoin titles that have been well received by the gaming community.
These are genre-diverse games, so you’ll have a bit of everything to choose should you go for a Bitcoin title. In that regard, here are some examples:


Bitcoin Hero
This is the best game to have if you’re looking to become a Bitcoin trader. That’s because Bitcoin Hero is a trading simulator game you can enjoy on your mobile device. It comes with a virtual market made up of assets with real-time Bitcoin prices. In addition, you’ll have tools to analyze the market with and deal with competition in the form of other players.

In short, you’ll have ample practice because of this app. It will teach you the basics and help you learn the skills needed to become a good Bitcoin trader. Afterward, you’ll be able to make important decisions in all kinds of trading situations.

Alternatively, you can go for a trading platform like You’ll need to make an account if you’re looking to get its services. A minimum deposit is also needed so you’ll have something to start trading with. The platform uses an algorithm to make the trading decisions for you, so you’ll need to go over several tutorials and a demo lesson to better understand the platform’s settings. After that, you will be able to take the platform for a test with a live session. Once you’re comfortable with it you can tweak the settings and invest more money into your budget.

Altcoin Fantasy
This Bitcoin title is similar to the previous entry. It’s another trading app that specializes in offering virtual trading markets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The virtual currency in this game comes in the shape of ACF points which you get for making the right moves in the game.

In addition to this, you’ll also have other players trading on the market and tools to help you analyze it. You’ll also be able to participate in competitions and if you’re skilled enough you’ll get rewarded in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency that you’d prefer.


Spells of Genesis
Unlike the previous 2 entries, this is no simulator. Instead, this is a trading card game that you can play with other players. You’ll be able to take on many opponents and if you’re victorious then you’ll get interesting prizes. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use Bitcoin to buy better cards and collectible to improve your winning chances.

When you look at the industry throughout the years, you’ll see it’s all about progress through the adoption of various trends. Tech trends have expanded the industry significantly and so has Bitcoin. That’s why the cryptocurrency will have an important role to play in the gaming industry in the coming years.


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