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The printer’s devil



The Printer’s Devil came calling without notice last week. The concluding part of last week’s write-up captioned “The Rampaging Threat of Evil”, was cut off, although the quotations for the page were culled therefrom.

The article was on the frightening widespread insecurity in our land. The devil has been rebuked and to the readers of the column, I say, ‘I am sorry.’

So, as I was saying: “Until Buhari dismounts from his high horse, throws away the toga of obstinacy and reflects deeply on ideas of his compatriots outside of his immediate circle of advisers, there is not likely going to be any light at the end of the dark tunnel. He must be persuaded of the urgent imperative of the establishment of the state police; the country must be restructured.


To reassure itself of what it put in its manifesto, his party set up the El-Rufai committee which came out with a report confirming and reinforcing widespread clamour for the restructuring of the country. Establishment of state police is an integral element of restructuring.

“Above all this is the unavoidable, indeed compelling, recognition of the times in which the whole world is—in the knowledge! It is a recognition that mankind is getting to their wits end and that basking in the realm of scholastic idolatry can no longer suffice. It is not the instrument to discern the pressure and the consequent features of the End-Time! It is inadequate a tool to unravel the waves from “Babylon”, the sin city, which grip the soul of men in these times!

“Prophet Isaiah, looking into these times, said: ‘Take heed together, and it shall come to naught; speak the word, and it shall not stand: For God is with us.’ (Isaiah 8:10).

Technologies, a marvel they no doubt are, being products of our physical senses, however, they are incapable of transcending the physical world and, therefore, ill-equipped to survey the present time and the future accurately.

Isaiah, however, connected with the Ray of Light, was able to go beyond space and time to survey events thousands of years away, events of these times—the great time of perplexity and uneasiness from day to day and from country to country!”

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