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The scourge of cancer


Cancer. PHOTO: News Republica

Everywhere, the ravaging scourge of cancer is striking terror in the hearts of all us. The afflictions are rising by the day, and so are deaths as inexorable accompaniment of the dreaded disease.

When there is an announcement of a death arising from an attack of cancer, the question on the lips of most people even if it is asked in whispers in our closets is: Who is next? This is against the background of the statistics rolled out periodically on the ravages of the disease.

When the World Cancer Day was marked last month in Abuja, the figure of afflictions and the attendant deaths reeled out must have hit everyone who heard it or read about it crushingly like lead dropped on a toe.


It was revealed that no fewer than 40 women and 26 men die every day in Nigeria from cancer, with survival rate of one person in every five cases. A United Nations report says 100,000 Nigerians are diagnosed yearly. These are reported cases. Globally, the disease was responsible last year for one in every six deaths.

The director-general of International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, said despite the scourge, 28 African countries lack even one radiotherapy machine for cancer treatment. He said millions of people, continue to suffer from cancer in developing countries owing to lack of access to effective prevention, screening, early diagnosis and treatment.

What is even scarier was the statement by the World Health Organization regional director, Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, in which she said that according to studies, Nigeria should expect a 75 percent increase in cancer-induced deaths by 2030.

The subject was returned to spotlight only on Monday by Patrick Oke during his weekly NNDC programme. He reported the NNDC managing director as saying that the Niger Delta has the largest number of cancer cases in the country, drawing attention in particular to the environmental condition of the region as the causative factor.

Renato Dulbecco, a Nobel laureate for his work on cancer virus would certainly bear witness to the causative factor, if you ask him.

A great deal of research has gone into unraveling the enigma that cancer disease truly is. The world is perplexed. Resources have been poured into fighting the stubborn disease. Foundations have been set up everywhere.

Huge amounts of money are willed in different climes by dying people for the war on cancer. But the disease does not appear to be in any hurry to leave humanity alone.

Yevgeniya Nusinovich, senior editor at Science Translational Medicine and Paula Kiberstis, another senior editor who is said to handle papers in biomedical sciences some time ago, reported a new treatment which involves application of what they termed immunotherapy. They say the responses of patients to the application raised hope and caused excitement in cancer research community.

According to them, “Many types of cancer are genetically far more complex than previously imagined.” They write that scientists have found that immune system helps to obliterate tumors –in mice! “Cancer cell genomes rapidly evolve in response to environmental pressures, a feature that enables the cells to develop drug resistance. Importantly, this new appreciation of cancer complexity is redirecting attention to cancer prevention and early detection,” they say.

If I may submit, mankind is not likely to have a break-through until we have a thorough knowledge of the cells. The human body is made up of cells. They are the building stones of the human body. What science has shown to us more is the behaviour of cells under different situations and conditions.

The study of the full components of the cells has not been exhausted. Not much has been said convincingly about the origin of cells and the fundamental processes of their coming into being.

As it is now revealed in higher knowledge, victory in the war against cancer will continue to be elusive. It is said in the higher knowledge now existing on earth that a great deal more goes into the building of a human body.

Science says innumerable number of cells compose our body emerging from a single cell. The cell spreads from just one into several others as the embryo of a forming baby develops. They form and give rise to the emergence of different organs such as liver, kidney, brains, eyes, name it, including blood cells and so on.

Each cell has a nucleus in which are to be found chromosomes. It is in the chromosomes that genetic information is stored. By whom is the genetic information which may also be called heritage information stored? Information that may be traceable to the family and about the new man in relation to his past and fate! From the foregoing we can see that what is involved is more than meets the eye.

There are beyond physical activities involved, activities beyond the range of our microscope and that science deals with only the physical, with materiality. This is where, therefore, revealed higher knowledge comes.

It is little known that our body is pre-formed by some forces called nature-beings. These nature beings first construct a prototype in the Astra Plane which is closest to our earth. This is called the astral body.

The body is thereafter patterned after the prototype weaving into it what the soul may have attracted to itself in a previous earth life. A child may be born sightless for example, or challenged physically for one reason or the other.

The proof of this is in what is regarded as phantom pains which come from time to time where a person has lost a limp or a finger. In such severance of a part of the body, it is the physical aspect that is missing, the astral form remains until death.

The nucleus of our cells is ringed by what scientists call protoplasm. Apart from the genetic information stored, it is within the cells that all processes are regulated such as breathing, cellular respiration.

This goes to show the importance of unpolluted environment. Once the environment is polluted the cells are irritated and the genetic regulation is impaired.

With such distorted cellular regulation, oxygen gradually begins to fail, and tumor begins to form as the liver is made to over work and indeed forcefully made to work. It soon weakens as a detoxication centre to deliver, and we talk of liver impairment. With such impairment all manner of diseases ensue to take position.

Far more important is to understand the crucial components of the cells. Cells consist of spirit motes that stream from very high spiritual planes. These spirit particles give rise to atoms which we tamper with, ignorant of its origin and power.

The minute spirit particles also give rise to elementary particles on entering our physical world, our earth. It can be logically surmised, therefore, that the cell molecules are composed of spirit particles.

If it is remembered that the core of man is spirit encased in fine coverings thus making it to be recognised as soul, it can be seen that there is a connection between the spirit and its body, the mortal physical cloak which is discarded at death. In this relationship the spirit animates the spirit particles of which our bodies are composed.

In the present time, because of predominant pursuit of materialism to the neglect of spiritual development and goals, as well as lifestyles, the radiations of the spirit to exert an animating influence on the body are weakened, dimmed and consequently curtailed. With the curtailment, radiant health gradually wanes and becomes a mirage as immunity gives way; the antibodies in the white corpuscles are in disarray.

There is faulty cellular regulation. The body no longer glows. There is coldness and lack of joy for the beauty of life, because the hormonal orchestra has been interfered with and the melody is no longer harmonious. When cancer is cured, it is more likely that it is the toxins that have been successfully removed before much damage has been done.

In some cases, there is respite making the sufferers to believe they are healed. Where our attention, scientists and non-scientists, should be focused is in finding the right correlation between the physical and the spiritual. Our world is not as vacuous as we think. There are beyond the earthly influences.

For, there is ethereal pollution much more potent than the physical pollution. These arise from our impure thoughts and speeches, wrong music and distortion of the Arts, the consequences of which beam into our earth for materialization.

We have the managing director of NNDC to thank for drawing our attention so poignantly to the acute pollution in the Niger Delta.

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