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Top 10 mistakes people make when setting goals


Lanre Olusola

In less than 35 days 2017 will be over!
Some people are making plans for the holidays, some already started with their Christmas shopping and others are setting goals for 2018. Unfortunately, while people are setting goals, only a few will actually achieve their goals. Most people ignore the goal setting process and put little to no effort in understanding the science and psychology of achieving their set goals. Research proves that only 8-10% of people achieve the goals that they set every year.

We all desire to live a satisfied, fulfilled and enriched life. The beauty is, life is a process and it is never too late to set and achieve your goals. However you have to be conscious of the factors that might prevent you from achieving your goals. According to a recently conducted research, these are the top 10 mistakes people make when setting their goals and if they are not confronted, they will always hinder you from achieving your goals.

1. Setting Goals that are not SMART: If your goals are not SMART, then it will not be possible to achieve them. Your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Framed. For you to achieve your goals, you need to set specific and clear goals which are also evaluative in nature. A lot of people dream fantasy lives and set goals that are not achievable and realistic in nature. Some people don’t even give their goals an actualisation date. Time is useless without timeliness; you must set a time-bound for your goals in order to make its actualisation realistic. What never gets measured, never get done!


2. Not having a Step-by-Step Plan: The goal setting process can’t be ignored. For you to get results, you have to follow and commit to the process. It is not possible to achieve a goal without practical strategies. Before you set a goal, you need to assess your previous goals, overcome procrastination, evaluate, discover and understand your success and failure model. These are some of the steps that you must take to achieve your goals. Do not expect the actualisation of your goals without following the entire process.

3. Having no accountability partner: One of the main reasons people do not achieve their goal is because they are not accountable to anyone who will encourage them. You need to have someone who will motivate, propel and give you that extra push of support when you need it. Lastly, you have to be courageous enough to approach people who can guide you on your path.

4. Setting too many Goals at the same time: You cannot set too many goals at the same time and expect to achieve them all at once. Prioritise. What is the most important goal that you need to achieve right now? Make a priority list and follow the process to achieve your goals.

5. Not having a holistic visualization: Some people set goals, which ruin every other aspect of their lives. When you set a goal, ensure that it is holistic and will enable you live a harmonious life. Consider other aspects of your life that is likely to be affected by the outcome of each goal you set. For instance, when you set a career goal, ensure that your family, relationship or social life doesn’t suffer.

6: Setting Goals based on trends: A lot of people set goals based on what is trending and not based on what they really want for themselves or what works for them. This is why people set New Year resolutions and never achieve them. These goals are set as a result of external influences. Remember that the reason why you want to achieve a goal is more important than the goal itself. This reason will motivate you in the time of lack of inspiration or low motivation.

7: Having faith without working: Faith without works is dead. You have to believe in your goals before setting out to achieve them. Depending on hope and faith alone isn’t enough. Not having a specific and practical plan towards achieving your goals is as good as not setting the goals at all. Believe, plan, work and you will achieve your goals.

8: Setting goals based on emotions: Some people are short-sighted when it comes to setting goals. They usually set goals based on how they feel at the moment, solely based on their emotions. Those types of goals can be termed as “Goalless Goals”. Set goals based on what you want in your life and how you envision your life in the future. Work with your brain and not with your feelings! Feelings are not static and as a result, goals set based on emotions can never be achieved.


9: Lack of Commitment: How do you tend to achieve something when there is no commitment? Commitment is vital for success; you cannot show zero or low commitment to something and expect it to work. If you truly desire to achieve your goal, you have to remain committed and consistent to it.

10. Procrastination: Procrastination is the thief of time. Keep procrastinating and watch how depression begins to reflect in your life and how your life gets destroyed eventually. Start now to achieve your goals; procrastination is deadly. The best time to start is NOW!

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