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Travelling by motorcycle: travel made safe


Travelling by motorcycle is the easiest way to reach any part of the city. Motorcycles have captured the young generation as the favoured mode of transportation. Today  Millennials are opting for motorcycles to save time and cost. However, driving on 2 wheels comes with many risks. Every day news headlines have something shocking to say regarding road accidents. There’s no escape from the fact, motorcycles are the best way to explore new places, but it is very important to have a safe ride. In this article, we will guide some valuable tips to keep in mind before setting off on a journey.

Choose the right bike
Choosing the right bike is the most important thing that can help in lowering the chances of an accident. Your bike needs to be coordinated with the demand for your trip. You need to consider a few factors before choosing a bike for your trip, such as low maintenance, mileage, and a comfortable seating position. Secondly, you need to ride a bike that is easy to navigate. Most people often lose control of complex motorcycles and have road accidents. Especially, if you’re setting off on a long journey, it is crucial to make the right selection.

Get all the motorcycle accessories
Just having a bike is not enough. You need to have all the important accessories by your side. Therefore, it is important for you to equip yourself with jackets, gloves, a helmet and a bottle of water. Always make sure you wear a good quality helmet on the bike. This way, if you run into an accident, a strong helmet will protect your head. Similarly, a water bottle will help you in staying hydrated throughout the trip to withstand the scorching heat of the sun. Do you wear motorcycle boots before setting off? Though not many people have a habit of putting on such shoes anymore, if you’re wearing them, ensure that they have a perfect grip on the brakes.

Prepare your bike for the journey
In simple words, preparing your bike for a long journey means cleaning it thoroughly. One day before your journey, get your motorbike checked to identify possible problems. You need to identify any issues that might lead to a possible issue during your tour. Ask the mechanic to check your brakes, clutch, and gears. Secondly, make sure your motorcycle has dual sport tires so that there’s no problem with traction on smooth or rocky surfaces. Keep in mind; it is better to consult professional help for solving major issues

Follow Traffic Rules
This is the golden tip in the list you need to follow. Always adhere to the traffic rules when you’re on wheels. The best thing is to research traffic rules before you ride a bike. Ignoring the law is not a cool thing. Even if the rules seem to be daunting, they are meant for your safety. Traffic rules are important to follow in hilly areas where roads are uneven, and the chances of accidents are very high. Even one wrong move can transition into a deadly end. Traffic rules usually comprise of wearing a helmet, carrying all important documents, controlling speed limit, etc. If you are not aware of traffic rules, Miller Law Firm can help online.

Ensure proper rest in between
If you ride a bike for a long time, it will result in severe back and neck pain. Therefore, you must take frequent breaks when on a long journey. You can stop for 10 minutes after every 1 hour to relax. During your stop, make sure you eat well, rehydrate and stretch yourself. If you’re traveling in hot weather, your body will get dehydrated, making you feel less energetic. So make sure you drink water and rest for some time before setting off again. 

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